Yury Butusov
Photo: Gordonua.com

Its territory is APU introduced the soldiers of the national guard and the police.

The disengagement: what happens, what’s bad and how to understand it? Explains the chief editor of “Tsenzornet” on Facebook by Yuri Butusov.

1. The experience of breeding troops in Gold were already in 2016.

Nothing new is happening. October 1, 2016, took place the disengagement in the Golden, October 7 – in the Petrovsky district. Breeding troops in the Gold now held in the same format, according to the plan of 2016. I saw it was in 2016, the position occupied by the 93rd brigade. Through the Golden railway, on which there was trade with the occupied territories, the trains there come every day. Then, too, there was a lot of criticism, and fairly quickly, in 2017, the troops returned to the engaged position. The local population long accustomed to living in a state of “gray zone” and to spoil relations with the Russians unwilling. In 2016, the year of the disengagement also caused a wave of criticism in society. In fact, anything other can not be – if the government negotiates with terrorists to retreat to the terrorists did not touch the representatives of the state, it does not look good.

2. How did you manage to separate the troops, despite the shooting?

Breeding in 2019 in one of the sections took place because the land was divided into three parts. The terrain there is very hilly, to determine who, what and where – not so easy, it’s not the steppe. There are places where opponents shared a few kilometers of the opposite steep hills to breed easily, firing contacts there is unlikely. Gold itself is stretched over a large area. Shooting at night in the Golden continues. Therefore, the area of cultivation is divided into three sections – if seven days without shooting for a truce recorded at all sites, it is still nowhere to separate the troops would be impossible. This explains the paradoxical message of staff of FOS in the Golden was fired, but the breeding of conduct. On a plot of dilution No. 2 shooting, and the breeding done there. Allotted troops in the area where there are no settlements.

3. Security guarantees.

Golden surrender. The territory of Gold instead of soldiers APU introduced the soldiers of the national guard and the police. NSU have regular reinforcements from infantry weapons of all types up to the tanks and artillery, and subject, as well as APU staff, OOS. Thus, Ukraine does not refuse the armed control of the settlement. Approach of any enemy forces in the settlements impossible. Key tactical height in this area remain under the control of the APU.

4. What are the goals Zelensky?

Breeding policy of the President Zelensky, who was elected by a majority of citizens. Breeding is carried out entirely in the format, developed with Peter Poroshenko. It’s a format that Ukraine is determined together with France and Germany, and is the basis of our foreign policy. To build the policy, Zelensky trying at all costs to implement the agenda established by his predecessor. If there’s any chance for peace, Zelensky wants to implement it. Peace talks revive hope of release for nearly 400 Ukrainians who are held in prisons and cellars of the Russian secret services.

5. Is it profitable for Ukraine?

In my opinion – no. I respect the peace initiatives Poroshenko, and Zelensky, but I think that they are not adequate to the situation, and not conducive to solving problems. Russia is not going to leave the Donbass and the Crimea. The Minsk agreements do not end the war and shift the responsibility for solving the problem of the occupation of Donbas and Crimea the next generation of Ukrainians. The Minsk agreements show that Russia dictates the conditions that we have to do. And we undersign for inability to continue the struggle and thereby encourage further hostile action. Ukraine recognizes the Russian occupation de facto and refuses to fight for their land, recognizes that the Donbass and the Crimea, she is unable to return. This opens the door for Putin to continue further action on the actual connection of our lands – and he openly gives out Russian passports. Ukraine has significantly strengthened its position in the world after five years of struggle, the situation is much improved after the first and second “Minsk”. The state became much legal capacity of, the company received invaluable experience of the resistance. So why pursue a defeatist policy adopted under pressure and in an atmosphere of tremendous political chaos?

6. Whether there are volunteers, protesters in Gold, and the citizens who come to the protests?

Of course. If such a civil protest is not, then we will show that the society is indifferent to the problems of Crimea and Donbass and the resistance is ready to give up. And it was the mobilization of civil society, which saved the country in 2014. Guarantees that Russia will fulfill the promise, no, and the breeding can be completed as shameful zilch, as in 2017.

7. What to do?

On the basis of “Minsk” it is necessary to create a road map where all the actions of Ukraine and Russia will be linked in sequence so that every move created an obligation not only for us but for the enemy. Russia also needs to go somewhere, and now we count only on the goodwill of Putin. It is obvious that Putin wants to keep under his own control that he was able to capture. We must build our policy based on this reality. I respect and agree only with the strong. So let’s be strong and not beg the enemy. To reform the war is not stopping right now.

It is necessary to protect their interests and create opportunities, rather than working under a foreign agenda and foreign meanings that are outdated.