Yury Butusov
Photo: Gordonua.com

At this time the best position to understand the value of the heroism of Ukrainian soldiers.

About this in Facebook wrote the chief editor of the Ukrainian edition censor.net Yuri Butusov:

“The value of the heroism of Ukrainian soldiers in the war is best understood in days like today – when trump and macron stated willingness to accept Putin again in the G-8.

If Russia went further , and Russian troops would reach Kharkiv and Dnipro – ‘ll be talking about the world and the G-8 anyway, and just went to the negotiations and the peace process.

We control in the Donbas as much land as managed to protect, where did you hide and do not back down, where he shot and hit the enemy. Negotiation would not exist, if the whole world saw the willingness to sacrifice, as near Ilovaysk, Debaltsevo, DaPa. If the Ukrainian army did not give back, and by force of arms did not stop the invaders, and if I wavered, vanished. if there was no one to defend the country – the enemy would go to the end. Yes, but expensive for Putin to fight in Ukraine, turned out to be expensive. Putin stopped the sanction is not a big loss, and the threat of even greater losses as we move forward.

August 20, 2014 – exactly 5 years ago, units of the 24th mechanized brigade and a battalion of the Ministry of interior “Storm” took two Russian BMD-2 in the battle of Georgievka with parts of the 234th regiment of the 76th Russian airborne assault division. One of these BMD stands in front of the world war II Museum in Kiev, the second – at the Academy of land forces in Odessa.”