Yuri Dude

Today, the independent journalist is Vysotsky, and YouTube — that’s yesterday’s tape.

Last two films I saw — “Kolyma” and “Beslan” Yuri Dude. Both have already 17.5 million views on YouTube. I watched the same on TV, this does not show. Besides, I like my whole circle, left to watch Russian television about fifteen years ago. Thank you, it is impossible to watch APE the void. In Russia, however, there are places where TV does not turn off. For example, some hairdressers. So, when I cut, I’m forced to listen to the TV. There are exactly three themes: America gross, nasty Ukraine, and Putin — the genius of pure beauty.

Dude outside aesthetics of Russian TV, which combines provincial Paphos with professional meanness. He is doing what should be doing journalist: he is interested in a topic, he has any questions he begins to ask, and he does not care how it will be assessed by the authority or (as the pretentious would say on today’s TV) homeland. Profession above the homeland. You have of course every right to think otherwise, but then if you from the profession to leave. Or profession will leave you. What actually happened with those broadcasts on TV of the infamous America, ugly Ukraine and great Putin. With all these solo and Kiselev.

And since the Dude on the transaction against the profession did not go, it will begin to destroy. This forecast is based on experience — I have my home, you know. We have no sanctions because of the Kremlin’s power over thoughts is not allowed. Dude, to my deepest regret, will be to harass as plagued at the time by Leonid Parfyonov, although it may be different.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Parfyonov was the best TV journalist of Russia, the face of the profession. In 2004, he interviewed the widow of Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, the President of the self-proclaimed Ichkeria. Interview banned along with Namedni, Parfenov and did not. It is not planted (in 2004, for the policies have not yet planted), and even beaten (as was later beaten Kashin). The current hybrid modes are lesnichestvo infrequently. Parfenov, one of the first to show the lack of patriotism: who’s interviewing the enemy in time of war, the war on the side of the enemy. The usual propaganda trick.

Parfyonov in this situation was the same choice that those who are now on television, but he refused to dishonor. In the end, Parfenova banned on all TV channels, and he was forgotten. Of course, people a younger retirement age it is still remembered and loved. But the young generation does not know who this is already a middle-aged man and what is a “Parthenon” (I’m afraid in all senses). My 20 year old niece does not know, who are Parfenov, Shenderovich, Yevgeny Kiselyov, Schuster, Sorokin, Maksimovskaya. She was little when removed from the air “the other day”, “Results”, “total”, “Doll”, “Red arrow” (Oh, Hryunov and Stepan — R. I. P.!)

That is to kill man on television, just do not let him on the air. This is a lesson for all those who prefer service to the profession service to Vladimir Putin. Which will be on the screen until either Putin or TV…

And here showed up Yuri Dude. That proved and showed that the teachers teaching the lesson, sat down with the sweep in a puddle.

The fact that none of ousted TV channels did not take away the Internet. They could play, much like YouTube or stromovym TV. The number of views their atelevision work was negligible on the background of telepromotion.

I know, for example, the person who invented the “Seteditor”. This is a techie working in Silicon valley and developed the Internet Protocol, which allows an unlimited number of concurrent video views. And so the man returned to Russia and decided that since on TV censorship, it will run uncensored “Seteditor” — a kind of samizdat. And all will begin to “Seteditor” look. And if so, then come and advertising money. He had a commercial project.

From which, however, nothing happened. Because the Internet TV one did not want to watch. In “Seteditor” invited Maxim Shevchenko, Kseniya Sobchak, indeed many of the exiled. Unfortunately, their programs were collected only a few thousand online hits and about the same later. Even Sobchak was, in General, the audience for the local newspaper. So to play online disgraced journalists are not forbidden.

And Yuri Dude showed that a rule “on the Internet nothing serious, some children with their nonsense” doesn’t work anymore. I don’t know why. Maybe the children grew up, but retained your Internet habits. Maybe gostv fell to the bottom, where quite no life, and since life always finds a hole, it was leaked to YouTube. It’s like with email or phone. Gospoda in Russia 1900s, almost did not work, and turn on the room phone lasted for decades. In the end, email and mobile communication (private, non-governmental) began to develop at a pace which Europe never dreamed of…

Or maybe worked a number of reasons.

But the fact is the Dude was one of the first that kind David was sent down state Goliath. Of course, there is the Fund of struggle against corruption Navalny, the plots which gather in the Internet, millions of views. But there is still a hot topic: what billions he stole, which the yacht floats in any palaces zhiruet and what ducks quacks Russian authorities. And Dude the Kolyma times of Stalinist repression, the Beslan the Chechen war. But that he says what he thinks himself, not what is approved by the Kremlin…

And if the FCO began to destroy for a long time (and soon, probably going to finish zamorduyut million-dollar fines, lawsuits, real and nominal terms), then Duda power missed. Well, a sports journalist, taking some sort of not presenting a threat to the power of the people interview. Telling me he, like, asks about anything, even about Masturbation. Gee-Gee. Well, of course: catch the hype among the youth! They say dokfilm going to shoot? Ha-ha, Yes, health!

People who betrayed and exchanged his profession for yourself at the best rate quickly forget the basics of the profession. And they are that you need to ask questions relevant to the topic of conversation. And if you want to ask about Masturbation. But if required, about the thwarted negotiations with terrorists in Beslan. You must be absolutely on a drum what to think about it in the Kremlin. Otherwise, once again — or leave this profession, or be prepared for the fact that the homeland will devour you.

And she starts Dude to devour. The problem is that Parfenov was enough to turn off the television. And Dude the TV is not needed. And Duda impossible to disconnect from the Internet and YouTube. Therefore, most likely, the Motherland will destroy the Internet and YouTube. For the country intolerable situation when any profession becomes more important than her. The only profession — to love the Motherland!

I think that Dude will resist. Most likely, naively. He’s still in the age of Christ and have never been much smack, not that of the crucified. And I hope it will not break like some Kiselyov, who has already broken the wise at the age of 50. Because, quoting Dima Bykov, “being old, he always felt where strength, and unerringly took her side — this is wisdom, and what you have seen?”

Based on the fact that I myself at the age of wisdom, it must make a clear bet that Dude home lose. But I have still a little hope. The fact that the technical development of civilization — to the development of this ideology. At the time the whole rotten-majestic the Soviet Union could not stop the tape procession through the country of Vladimir Vysotsky, whose official stage was closed. And the Dude is Vysotsky, and YouTube today is yesterday’s tape. Vysotsky died young, in the end still won. My homeland, pokachevskoe feet of clay, collapsed. Magnetic tape proved to be stronger than Brezhnev, the Politburo and the KGB.

Now I hope the Dude survives. Yes, I predict the ban of the Internet and persecution of Duda and upfront about it sad. But I know that the profession that is the case, the winner is idleness and stagnation.

Dmitry Gubin, “Rosbalt”