It is time to think critically.

Often you hear from your friends when there is some political danger? By friends I mean real friends, and friends emotional – those for whom you watch on TV, YouTube, music, sports, those bureaucratic language called “opinion leaders”. Personally, I most often hear is: “I’m apolitical. Policy completely uninteresting to me,” writes Russian blogger Yuri Dude on Facebook.

It seems that the time has come when this position is primarily well-known people — shameful.

Just to clarify: if under the policy to imply a nomination, the election, the mandates, that is exactly the profession I’m interested. Never in any country in the world I would not want to work as a politician. Causes full, but one of the main business you can earn much more interesting and much more than politics. Unless of course we mean an honest living and not when in normal official salary three hundred meters you buy an apartment in the center of Moscow. And in order for your expense to remove about Kolyma, Kamchatka, the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin to remain independent and not to lick someone’s ass, it is necessary to make a lot.

But if you’re not planning a political career, this does not mean that you do not participate in the political life of their country – at least in the key moments (and not so many as you might think).

It turned out that in recent years young people in Russia was the most interesting to relate to elections, protests, Basmanny justice, political prisoners, this here. The last two Saturday showed what caused our inertia. Our inactivity has resulted in the most important offices anyone new there moving the same body: their gray hair, bald, jackets and increase the speed of hands on unanimous votes are more reminiscent of the scenery as if Soviet political life. Our inactivity has led to the fact that any political competition destroyed. Our inactivity has led to the fact that anyone who conceives this competition immediately gets in the face of the sleeper. And most important: the sleeper in the face now can come to any of us.

You may not support independent candidates in Moscow: to heat for different political forces is the same as rooting for different football clubs, that is perfectly normal and correct. But you certainly can’t support what makes the state in recent weeks. It has no relationship to “stability” about which they say, when fit for the current government.

When the crowd grabs the two soldiers did not resist the nerds and truncheons to repel them Achilles tendon, is not stable. Is the sublimation of those who have lived with the systems, but – thank our police — have found a way for all these complexes revenge.

When 25-year-old boy faces a term or for an aluminum can, whether for paper Cup, thrown INTO the side of the police is not stable (Google: Sergey Ananichev). It’s a shame and the humiliation of a member of the security forces of the state. The COP, which will be held in this case to the victims, I suggest to study the works of the commandos who broke into the Beslan school.

There the men lay on grenades to cover the hostages, and pulled the kids when the air Reshetilo bullets like in a real war. And this is agreed to be the victim due to the fact that his side threw a piece of aluminium, or paper. I hope he explained it by the fact that the Bank – from the American coke, then there really was a threat to national security.

When the designer, out on the run long before the start of the rally, twist and lay on the pavement so that you break a leg on the curb, is not stable (Google: Konstantin Konovalov). It sets the execution of the order and the attitude of a man like bag of bones.

When the insulators shakes his administrative detention of a dozen peaceful student, is not stable. This new generation of political prisoners and a simple signal to all the youngsters: you will be indignant instead of grid # hashtag will receive the bars of the prison.

When the mayor says that the citizens who took to the streets to defend their rights, is visiting Zimbabweans, and the police behaved correctly, it is not stable. It is a complete detachment from people’s lives, the city which you run.

If you think that all this beauty applies only to disagree, you’re wrong.

View video in which a woman shakes a membership card: “I’m a member of “United Russia”. My husband was detained. We were walking home. He wanted the other side to go easy.”

Millstones such stability is the thing that will sooner or later begin to grind all: and uncomfortable, and the person who so neatly and so regularly on his YouTube channel touts the mayor’s office. Guys that have become popular with young people, remember this next time at the request of the senior will be promoting “the Tat-fest” in Gorky Park or “Kurchaloy wave” in Sokolniki. No one encourages you to climb the barricades, but, as sings one of the famous punk band, “If everyone is scared to be against / at least won’t for”.

Let’s to think critically, let us doubt, let us ask questions, and let us not accept as the norm when innocent people thrown in jail or severely beaten by the police.

August 10, Saturday, at 14:00, I will come to the Sakharov Avenue for a rally in support of prisoners and against the police lawlessness. The meeting agreed, and once in 100 000 people. Would be cool if so many people there and will come.

The more we have, the more chances that someday the citizens of Russia will cease to beat the sleeper in the face.