Some of the artists during the protests is “hiding the language between the rolls”.

At the festival “Rock for Bobrov” famous blogger mentioned about Moscow protests against non-admission of independent candidates to participate in elections to the Moscow city Duma, reports the website of TV channel “Belsat”.

Yuri Dude came on the stage of the festival “Rock for Bobrov” to represent the punk band “Porn”, which is “not afraid to call a spade a spade”.

“I arrived yesterday from Moscow. The city, which right now, right at this moment is very important and rather dumb action. It turned out that if such a movement starts in our country, artists, including rock artists, they are divided into two groups, into two categories. The first category buries his tongue between the rolls, for fear of losing a piece of bread for fear of angering someone at the top. Well and generally behave “so-so”. And the second category, it is, of course, is minimal, it is small. They are artists, who continue to call things by its names, and in creativity, and not creativity, in a variety of ways that are available to them. Rock music should remind people about the ideals and the state on the duties”, – said Yuri Dude.