Yuri Dude

All surrounded by, there are people who believe that Russia rises from knees.

Moscow wonder how prettier; we are in the world, finally began to respect. Often (but NOT always) it’s the older generation: mom and dad, grandparents, writes Russian blogger Yuri Dude in Instagram.

It seems now is a great time to call my parents and generally seem family.

Find today 10 minutes time and watch it with their older videos.

The context is this:

1. 23-year-old Pavel Ustinov stands at metro Pushkinskaya phone;

2. resguardar up to him to hold;

3. Ustinov backs away, trying to escape, but resguardar do their work so clumsily, that knocked each other;

4. one of the guards injure the shoulder (again — in a collision with his own);

5. video of detention there from different angles, but the judge didn’T see and sent Ustinov to 3.5 years in prison.

When the video will look similar, just ask: what do they think? Dad, whether we stood up, if we have such law enforcers? Moms, whether we are respected in the world, if the court (the most important on really strong state) — like this?

Bah, just whether Moscow is prettier, if anyone can get out of the subway and to leave the area?

Then write in the comments what you will answer. Joking aside, write — very interesting.