Yuri Garevski
photo: dw

Lukashenka knew about the killings of the opposition.

In September 2019 Yuri Garevski appealed to the Russian edition of Deutsche Welle, saying that 20 years ago was involved in the abductions and murders of Belarusian opposition – opponents of Lukashenka.

In 2002 the Supreme court of Belarus were convicted of kidnapping Zavadski, former officers of the Ministry of internal Affairs Valery Ihnatovich and Dmitry Malik, and their involvement in the possible murder of the operator was not proven. As a result, they were sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of five people.

– Zavadski was not killed Ignatovich, not Malik… Malik did at that time worked in the “Diamond” (anti-terrorist special forces of the interior Ministry of Belarus. – Ed.). If they killed Zavadsky, why not tell where he is buried? The fact that these people were behind bars (due to Zavadsky. – Ed.) for me is nonsense.

I do not understand what Zavadsky was murdered, and what he involved. But for Gonchar, I asked Pavlichenko question: “And do that for?” He said: “he was 100 per cent dirt for the removal of Lukashenko.” Summit said that it should be removed.

– Who said that?

I don’t know who said it, I at these meetings was not present.

– And you didn’t think you sobrovtsev, over time, the authorities simply surrender, presenting your initiative?

– Then you’d have to sacrifice, and the then Minister of internal Affairs Yury sivakovym, and the then head of the security Council Viktor Sheiman.

– Do you think they were aware of what was SWAT?

– Of course. Sivakov was aware, Sheiman was. I don’t know was present or not Lukashenko (in meetings where Sobro objectives were. – Ed.) but I had the impression that Lukashenka knew about this too. Sivakov we called “grandfather”. He came to Voloshino and further. Came to our brigade – in/h 3214 on the Avenue Scorina (in 2005 renamed into Independence Avenue. – Ed.). We could have him there to chat with friends. Sheiman also repeatedly came – said Gorawski.