Its 75th anniversary, said Vyacheslav Spesivtsev is one of the prominent figures of the movement Studio of the Russian theatre, the artistic Director of Youth theatre in Marina Grove. To congratulate the hero of the day came in the literal sense from small to large — the students, alumni, famous artists and not only.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Vyacheslav Spesivtseva — 75.

The hero of the day stunned guests first: the front of the jacket covered in medals and orders like a veteran on parade. But the ironic tone that Vyacheslav Semenovich asked the evening, took all the questions. Especially that half an hour later, this legendary jacket was not on him, and the boy Vladislav nine years with the mind — he learns in the younger group Studio theater.

The key word of the evening — “suddenly”.

— Yes, it’s the most important word for the artist and for art in General, — says Vyacheslav Semenovich . — Here in my life all happened suddenly: suddenly a woman from the former entered the old Moscow hut and knocked on our door. Why our and not in others — they are in the barracks was fifty!

She introduced the boy to the magical world of art. Yes, he was not accepted into the Schepkin drama school, but suddenly the great man of the Maly theatre Igor Ilyinsky drew attention to it. And Igor Bugaev, who was responsible in 80-90‑ies in the Moscow culture, he suddenly trusted him with her theatre workshop — first for fresh, then on the street Stankevicha. And the Studio shook theatrical Moscow audacity and hurricane energy.

A lot of unexpected encounters, fantastic turns of fate, this is what he says from the stage. And no longer about yourself but about the people that are directly addressing the audience to a specific person: “Pasha, do you remember?”or “thank your mom was a wonderful person.” Although the rhetoric coming out to the microphone was designed in a formal setting, besides the mandatory presentation of certificates, letters, etc., warm tone, a feeling, a living sense was preserved thanks to the very Spesivtseva.

Original gift brought Yuri Kuklachev — of course, the cat, or rather kitten, but only in the picture. And then the impromptu: “This kitten on a background of Paris, we called Glory.” The students of the three generations have passed the stage in the hall to the song “Grenada Moya”. Was excerpts from “Romeo and Juliet”, where the eternal lovers introduced Spanish and Chinese (online project with young people from different countries), as well as from the play “Young guard” — why is the most dramatic episode of the execution of the young. Was ballet from Taranda and the Russian heroes, who in the eyes of bent nails and tore a thick reference.

Everyone who went on stage, converged in a common opinion: in its 75 Thank Spesivtsev remained the Glory — restless inventor and visionary, next to which a peaceful life can not be.