The actor spoke about the reasons for his dislike of the popular European competition.

About it reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to the domestic media.

Loza once again provided comments with regards to “Eurovision”. On this subject, the singer spoke with reporters. According to Yuri, he believes the contest is “rotten” and politicized, so once again advises young artists not to be torn for the sake of victory. The artist pointed out that the first place on “Eurovision” does not give the singers absolutely nothing, as many after the European show become even less famous.

In the example of the Vine brought Dima Bilan, who became the Victor in the contest. Yuri recalled that after the Grand victory of the contractor did not go to Europe, even with a small tour and do not give there concerts .

The artist also added that he does not like performances of Russian artists in the competition with the English songs. Yuri is a patriot and believes that domestic stars should act on “Eurovision” with a song in their native language. Sam Vine was ready to go to the competition under such conditions, however, stressed that he would not deliberately go to win. For a singer was more important part with the song in Russian.