Russian singer Yuri Loza in enough sharp form has commented on the hype that has arisen around the poisoning of producer Bari Alibasov, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“The more you write about it, the more often his name is mentioned, the better. He better! You all work for him,” says the musician the actions of journalists.

In his opinion, his actions Alibasov has forced the media to talk about him as a producer there is nothing worse than oblivion.

“If you didn’t write all that he does, would have lost meaning,” says the Vine, and adds that he Alibasov not at all interesting.

According to Vines, he does not communicate with Alibasova since 1983. That’s when the singer stopped working with the Soviet musical group “Integral”, founded by Alibasova.

“Yes, and then we only be communicated”, – said the musician.

Earlier, the son of Bari Alibasov has admitted that the story of the poisoning helped him and PR Manager of artist Vadim Garankina earn 26 million rubles.

The producer, in turn, showed a document stating that he really was in capital Institute of a name of N. V. Sklifosovsky with poisoning. So he said anyone who does not believe in his diagnosis.