A longtime friend of our office, the Creator of “Gems” Yury Malikov 6 July was 75. “With the beloved newspaper friends for more than 40 years,” admits. People sociable, witty, positive, but… without a bit of pathos as it is said that we are, in fact, surrounds for the moment. While all the yelling zapoloshnye “Russia, forward!”, he Muzykantsky clearly precipitates: all is well, just “bus” defense is not necessary. Oh, are we about football? Well, where do without it — on the nose the main championship game.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The date of birth necessary to talk about the birthday boy, but our team plays Croatia. Cannot be ignored. Don’t know — a fan are you?

— Fan is not the word. But I’m a Dynamo fan. But the national team is a consequence of a good club game, right?

But in the game with Croatia — do not understand .

For me it is clear because there are outstanding players: Luka Modric is my favourite player because, except for “Dinamo-Moscow”, I am a fan of “real Madrid”. To beat the Croats will be very difficult. And I agree… a draw.

— But let…

— Yes, to a draw. Let the beat from the penalty spot. And there — how to play our favorite Igor Akinfeev. So we will be cheering for him, for the goalkeeper. But a draw should be fighting. Not as dull as in the match against Spain. I think Luka Modric and all the other shiny Croats were not allowed to play dim. And we will not give in. Here is the battle a draw. The account let it be 2:2. At the very least. After all, the goals we have to score. And they should be.

— Apparently, the match with Spain you are not satisfied…

— One thing I will say: Croats will be very difficult to win. Can not, as with Saudi Arabia, 5:0 to slap. Croat players of the highest level of the organization, they have a great attack. So we have to try to score. But not to stand “bus” defense. Otherwise it is dull, unwanted football. You have to play to win. And is a draw — well. You’re lucky — so will win. Well, you see, there are objective things: well we can’t take a beating from France, Belgium, and Brazil. Can’t. We have to fight, “bus” is not necessary. Rather, it is the Swedes against England “bus” set.

— Croats figured out, back to the anniversary and the music…

Yes, that’s me right now from the rector of the Conservatory Alexander Sokolov called, read out a greeting letter. And before that called the representatives of the Patriarchate, from Medina…

— Do not you think that somehow fail Russian ground for musical ideas in rock, in pop music? We are able to generate new musical ideas?

— Tried at the time to produce what is called soil the ideas of such groups as “Carnival”, “Ariel”, “Pesnyary”, linking folklore with a new genre trends. This was a novelty and unusual to foreigners, to world culture. Our VIA is built on the basis of Soviet songs, and this song had awesome lyrics and melodies. Someone may mention — Pakhmutova, David Tukhmanov, Fradkin, Feltsman — what a palette! And all of these VIA broke Soviet song in popular music, but the music remained within our country, it was his own! But our rock was already secondary. So the ideas we are lagging behind.

— Arrangements learned to do…

— Learned. And the lyrics are weak. Not up to Derbeneva, Saferan, Matusovsky… to the same Dement departed. I can’t say that we are secondary. But who do we have? Cord, Leps, Stas Mikhailov — all of them listen, but they are not performers of world level. Yes, they love our audience (we have a viewer there is: we try for him is that he runs that is a success), but the world’s leaders in the genre of pop or rock music, we did not. Of course, the Russian folklore should be developed. Be synthesized with classical examples. Look at what happened in the Soviet Union: each country has developed its own popular trend. Moldovans — their own, Armenians have their own and so on.

— All contracts and saturated.

— Yes! And now very fragmented. Unconvincing. Although talented people have not diminished. The same amount. But originality left in the last century. Yuri Antonov, David Tukhmanov, Igor Nikolaev, Dmitry Malikov, Vladimir Presnyakov — they are your best created in the last century. You know? A slow one, God knows… And the young professional does not hold. There are no good melodies and lyrics. Ukraine is even slightly ahead of Russia in the genre of pop music, some original they wave… all that Difficult. I recently watched a movie about my favorite team, the ABBA: what then, in 60-e years, was a unique atmosphere, giving birth to such talents. And these are guys my age still breathing this atmosphere: they are all trying to reunite, but it’s probably impossible. Their contribution to musical culture is immense, they benchmark it pop.

— And “The Beatles”?

— The Beatles laid the Foundation for everything — to rock, to pop, to folk, and fusion. ABBA — the standard of folk music. They are all intertwined — beauty, aesthetics, modernity. When I saw them in Australia, I was just shocked: so it was aesthetically pleasing.

— Whether you play for fun. Play music?

— Oh, let’s play. Yesterday they removed the first clip with her grandson, who is five and a half months. We sat at the piano and recorded the first keystrokes. Here at this level and play. But seriously you can practice — no time, effort, health. A grandson, Mark D. to bring to the piano — a Holy cause. Yesterday, the nurse removed. We played, worshiped, and even performed an encore. Then sent the video to his parents George and Lena, they laughed heartily. No, I ensemble perform, but people want to hear old songs. New repertoire is not waiting for us. Ask song — “My address Soviet Union”. A song about BAM want. About the Komsomol. There is no Soviet Union, and the songs about him.

Music helps people to live? What would we do on your birthday wished all around?

Now we are trying to transform music in the background. To understate its importance. But striking artwork in any genre of music at once elevates man. This is not the background. If every man on Earth know even a little musical background, — do-re-mi-FA-Sol-La-si — would know the letter, he sang in the choir, would develop hearing, it would never have made stupid things. No, would perform, but much less. And when people do not understand what in life does, loves music, it gives rise to any unseemly behavior. So I wish that the music brought those notes of the soul of spirituality that make the man, not to animals.