Native Zavorotnyuk not comment on the situation. According to rumors,
the actress has undergone two operations, but later the doctors said that the tumor was inoperable. Now Anastasia allegedly plan to treat exclusively with
medicines, reports Russian Dialogue, with reference to “KP”.

70-year-old Yuri Nikolaev admitted that mentally
support Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and her husband Peter Chernyshev, sends
actress your energy.

“I hope and I’m sure all will be fine,” he said.

Nikolaev said that the friendship with Anastasia he
ensued in the project “Dancing with the stars.” They shared one dressing room and a lot of steel
to communicate, walk-in guests and birthdays.

“My love for her and to her family is boundless. Her family I
great respect and love. A lot of respect for Peter, – says Nikolaev. – You know that Peter
Chernyshev loves Cindy and is now beside her, not moving away”.

According to Nikolayev, he knows nothing about what is happening with the “babysitter” and is not going to disturb the family of the artist get into an argument.

After reports of severe disease, car crash in Moscow
flew her first husband, Olaf Schwarzkopf. The man publicly apologized for
their actions.

Meanwhile, in the transfer Helen malyshevoy decided to discuss the possible relationship of IVF and cancer. In the Network believe that the reason for the development of
cancer, the car crash could be pregnancy, but experts deny this

One of the patients of the clinic where the “nanny”, made an alarming statement about the condition of the actress.