Yuri Poklad
Photo: Tribune

Sporting Director of “Dinamo” Yuri Poklad spoke about the plans for the development of the club.

Interview published in “Sports panorama”.

– How management and the coaching staff started from the beginning of the season, so first and foremost we all need to understand what the situation is. To estimate the reserve, to understand how its representatives are promising and competitive, whether under the model of the game that will preach Sergei Vitalievich. This is important. Can be a lot of problems. So the point here Gurenko, because he appreciates. On the other hand, the club should be the General line in the development.

Today we should think about, but now it is not a priority. There is simply no time. On the agenda of the answers to the more fundamental, global issues concerning the functioning of the company. With young players from reserve team is already working – meet, we talk. Many will be improved conditions of the employment relationship.

– Then make it clear what you need to understand in the first place? To stabilize the funding?

– Absolutely. Anyway, the club starts to work again. The change of owner could not impact on the internal processes of FC “Dynamo”. Monitoring of sponsors, understanding their own capabilities and so on – all these things today. I can say that the club office will be moved from Pobediteley Avenue to the stadium “Dynamo”. Understand the importance of returning the club to his abode. All these need to be tackled and solved everything overnight is impossible, – said deposits.