The famous singer Yuri Shatunova was urgently hospitalized before the show in Novorossiysk, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Wednesday, June 26, the actor complained of severe toothache. Soon the singer was really bad – the pain meds did not help, with the result that he called an ambulance.

The star in the hospital the patient is put on a tooth filling and saved his concert in Novorossiysk. From the scene of the connecting rod thanked the experts who quickly responded to the call.

“Came a cool girl. Quickly organized everything, was taken to the hospital, took pictures. In General, repaired and restored me,” said the artist to the fans.

Representatives Shatunova tell that the singer refused to cancel the concert, especially because the tickets were sold out a week before the scheduled date.

Doctors, in turn, was surprised that the singer publicly thanked them for their assistance. They called it the usual everyday work, but at the same time admitted that they like the attention from the popular artist.

“For the crew of an emergency call to a well-known soloist was a usual everyday work. Completed her medical professional. Well, of course, such public gratitude, declared in front of a large number of viewers we are very pleasant,” said the doctors in the official Instagram account of ambulance Novorossiysk.

Recall, the father Shatunova for the first time commented on the relationship with the singer.