Yuri Shevchuk

The legend of Russian rock advised, “sofa warriors” to honor of Vasil Bykov.

The leader of the Russian rock group “DDT” Yuri Shevchuk criticized Russian authorities and the media for war propaganda, writes censor.net.

“Now passed the Victory Day is a sacred date for the Russians, and many of our neighbors, but the country is the whole world saved. But again, a lot of dope: “Can you repeat that!” All this devilry… say What again?! To kill another hundred million people? Crashing into Paradise?” – said Shevchuk.

In an interview with Russian journalists Shevchuk criticizes the way in which his country is now celebrated on may 9: “Real soldiers, like my father, our grandfathers, who could tell this narrow-minded political strategists and sofas warriors: “come to your senses that you are carrying?”, already almost gone. And grandparents knew what it was a universal scale tragedy.

Yes, we won, but at what cost ? This ocean of blood, country it I almost choked. How many unnecessary losses, the stupidity of the smug, cynical superiors Defeated with huge casualties – how many died from starvation in besieged Leningrad and Stalin’s camps. In the rear, where people worked in munitions factories under the open sky in temperatures of minus forty, sharpened shells and died from exhaustion and disease. But now almost no one speaks. Read books Victor Astaf’eva, Vasil Bykov, read the memories of war, of Nikolai Nikulin and other soldiers are honest books, it’s true. But these characters already there and now gone again poster, mythmaking”.

The legendary musician talked about how he celebrated the Victory Day: “Youth brought up in the spirit of the war – so, shooting all soak, a cocked hat, missiles secret… And this will not work. War is a terrible tragedy. So may 9 I went to the parade, and the temple – lit candles for all the victims and that the war was not. Lit candles to those who saved our nervous future – a simple soldier and heroic women, our grandmothers, who forged victory in the rear”.

In addition, Shevchuk outraged by war propaganda in the Russian media: “Propaganda for war sucks. Disgusting. How much can you shout “we all do!”? I hear the screams on the Central channels, from high tribunes, the Internet – and it infuriates me, because no one in us has not yet attacked. And rock-n-roll is still the music of the world. And he sings not only about what we are doing well… the thicker the Mercedes on the roads, the more they ribbons. All these speakers will not fight. And will die the boys from all sides and the civilian population – pensioners, mothers, children. That has happened many times”.

“What they want to achieve they this is war? Trying to hate the neighbors to seal the country to cement power, to unite all evil? Why not good?” – asks Shevchuk.