People’s artist of USSR, former Minister of culture of the RSFSR 83-year-old artistic Director of the Maly theatre Yuri Solomin was first raised in a documentary of his relationship with his younger brother, people’s artist of Russia Vitaly Solomin, who died at age 60 in may 2002. It turned out that the brothers ended the relationship long before the death of Vitali and younger brother Yuri Solomin does not communicate until now.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The authors of the documentary set a task to confirm or deny the rumors that all these years went around the brothers Solominic that their creative and family communication prevents envy. Supposedly the younger brother could jealous of the fact that Yuri Solomin in art took a more serious role. And Yuri Solomin, in turn, could envy the brilliance of his brother in the companies, his charm and popularity among women .

After the death of Vitaly Solomin, Yuri mefodyevich never raised this issue and tried to sidestep. However, released on the First channel the documentary still said a few words.

According to him, the first of their family gathered together. All this was thanks to Zinaida Ananievna Ryabtseva – mother of Yuri and Vitaly, who was a music teacher. She was a real link in a large family and brothers always responded to her invitation. Yuri Solomin admitted that after her mother’s death in 1992, he and his brother have ceased to communicate. By the time of the death of Vitaly Solomin they haven’t spoken in 10 years.

In addition, Yuri Solomin has denied rumors that he and his brother were jealous of each other. “There was nothing to envy” – he said.

The filmmakers recalled that each of the brothers was a successful memorable roles and each of them was strong in her. If Vitaly Solomin was quite a natural in comedies, Yuri managed complex dramatic material.

The eldest grandson of Vitali Kirill also confirmed in the film that at this time does not communicate with the grandfather’s brother and doesn’t even know how he fared.

“I saw him in person twice, and no I didn’t know him, nor he me. Then it became clear that it was the grandfather’s brother, but communicate we did not have any”, – said Kirill.