Five years ago he was left alone. Was United with Ilya Oleynikov, and that’s part of his soul left, the most important part. One is very difficult, almost impossible. But Yuri Stoyanov tries to…

What you just read is a confession — sincere, tragic and full of hope. The man reveals to you the soul, appreciate it. Man today is 60 years old.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

With Ilya Oleynikov.

“And suddenly among us, Ilya appears”

— Ure, I took an interview with Ilya. And now for the first time you’re alone. 5 years have passed…

Now he’d turned 70, we have a difference of exactly 10 years.

— How are you Ilya?

— Here two questions in one: without Ilya humanly and how I worked without Ilya? Human being- just as any man who loses his relative. Not a relative who lived somewhere in the Penza and did you know that you have it. A relative who was both a friend and a partner, and generally a man who has radically disrupted and changed your life . It’s not nice words. We both changed each other’s lives — you just have to understand who we were before met, and who we are. Not from the point of view of regalia and popularity, and the feeling of being in the world, in the profession.

…It was such a departure, which it was impossible to prepare. It was not long, was not total, when you know, when you warn when you try to configure my life… Although all who have lost loved ones, know that no matter how you prepared, how would any set up, it is always a surprise when any expectation, because you’re always in this case, faced with eternity. I remember this day well. I was in Odessa, I had a concert on this day, November 11. I flew there because Elijah was in the hospital. Flew calmly.

— There were no signs?

— No, now it is clear that foreshadowed, in hindsight we’re all smart. Just he was lying in intensive care, doctors said that the medical dream, in which he was immersed, is needed, because during this time they have to pick up antibiotics to treat his pneumonia. And when I went on stage… I always Have the concert began with such a small preview, is composed of two parts: the actual “Town” of the two of us, and fragments from my films. When the first part ended — of “the Town”, we were hitting their heads against each other, and started the second. But here we hit, and suddenly a black screen, and then everything went black. Stopped working video projector, and computer malfunctions. I asked for more time to enable. Turned on again — same thing: nothing glows. More I have not asked… And at 6 in the morning received a telegram from Denis, from my son. And I learned of the death of Elijah.

Get ready for this was unreal, especially because he was taken to the hospital from the shooting, with his last day on the set. In my film “We miss him. Remembering Ilya Oleinikova” chronologically minutely the whole situation told. The plot shows the last, which we took, and then he said, “I can’t, I’m terribly cold.” And it was very hot. He measured his temperature 40. Then taken away. Literally until the last day the person was shot… Although, of course, he was treated with chemotherapy.

photo: Gennady Avramenko
On the set of “Town”.

I remember 5 years ago, when Ilya spoke on the phone, he spoke, almost lost voice. Quietly spoken, and his wife Irina “translated”.

— This story began with the fact that he’s out of the closet had me to shout at the site any replica. I hear very little he shouted. Say: “Ilya, my dear, need to be stronger, I can’t hear you”. When Elijah came out of this closet, and his voice was very hoarse. And every day began to go out more and more. I was worried, but thought: well, the problem with bundles is not the worst. Called on one of the shots of the doctor foniatria, she looked, said, “No, the ligaments in order. Let’s be surveyed”. And this was the beginning of the disease. He croaked one gear, and the second I started voice actor BDT, stunning Gennadiy Bogachev. Gene did so that before the end so no one realized that it was not Elijah. So Gene announced three programs — and did it with great love to man: he was very to the Ilyukha, loved him. He did, just dissolving in it.

And now Elijah was gone… I had to disband the crew. Absolutely unique piece, which was created over almost 20 years.

— Ilya is a friend, your main partner. Nevertheless, Yur, you had the thought to call a “Town” the other?

— Had not even considered that, although such proposals have been. This question is not only human and morally — just do not want high-sounding words, but I even from a practical point of view, understood that it is absolutely impossible. We were a couple, we were almost like one person. The second partner I have found, because it is solved in heaven — someone who is suitable, including in the profession.

I remember long ago, at a concert Vinokur, first time I saw Elijah in a pair with Roman Kozakov. Then the Cossacks died…

Roma died from what then Ilya will die from cancer. Ilya knew he was sick. When there was Roma, Elijah began to look for a partner. And now he found me. And now I’ve lost Ilya…

I knew that the audience would never forgive me a new person. Any other person I at the same time, will substitute, because he will be under the constant eye comparisons, and always these comparisons are not in his favor. Even if, instead Ilyukha was De Niro.

…I disbanded the group, but in a year when we shot film “to the memory of Ilya Oleinikov”, it was removed this entire group. People have lives, children, they have families to feed, and here it is necessary to remove a movie. It had about 5-7 days, almost for free. But the group gathered on the first call. And it ends like this: the picture is the whole group of Ilya there. And suddenly he appears among us. This is the last frame.

The image of Catherine II.

“The Second Pasha Luspekaev”

And you’re the only one left…

— Yes, one. I was invited to the program “Live sound” on “Russia”. It was invented, it is not purchased format. Gathered singers-professionals and from scratch, getting ready, singing the songs that they randomly gave out the computer. And the guys that we know very well according to the tabloids, was a little different. The transfer was allowed to look at them a little differently, as human beings, to talk, to hear something funny, sing. A very sweet unassuming gear, loved her very much. It went two seasons, it was a good support; I was gradually becoming more included in movies and in TV shows. And stayed professional and at least financially afloat, which is very important.

In addition, I helped the wife. The fact that even before the Ilyukha was diagnosed, I dreamed about one machine, I liked it. But this car was only available in the queue. Nothing exclusive, it’s not a Maserati, not a Ferrari — it’s a “Porsche Cayenne”. And now I’ve built this machine for the money, which has allowed my capabilities and I needed to leave only a token advance payment. Suddenly I get a call saying that the car will be just at the end of November. As Ilya died 11th. Well, we sat down, I said, “Len, well, what the hell is a car, you’ve got to understand how to live. So we refuse, God bless her, this prepayment will be lost, it is small”. Lena wondered, “How can we refuse? Remember: in the moment when you give up, then you’re absolutely not confident in the future. So, you sign completely that you don’t know what to do tomorrow. As soon as you buy this car, at least you will have the feeling that nothing has changed, and you will think how to work further”. It is very wise, totally female thing to do. She was right: the loss of irreplaceable, but we have to live.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

— I have seen in the “Culture” in the program “Big family”.

Yes, it’s very sincere, good, intelligent transmission, which I could be myself. However, there was one caveat: infinitely to Express his love for others has become difficult. I must admit that sometimes I did not the nice people for me.

It was visible through the screen.

I’m very lucky in the beginning, there were people I adored. Have the opportunity to speak with Directors, which I never did, was busy in their performances, but know their movies by heart, to impress them with the fact that I know it… Any poet I could sing a song his verse. Still life had lived, and all came in handy. Suddenly come completely unsympathetic people behave, to put it mildly, strange. Or some friends who say: “of course, I will come to Vitina program, and how much I will pay for it?” And you realize that these are friends for money. People started to act up: who will come to me?.. Came outstanding artists, but very quarrelsome sometimes. Or outstanding actress, which in life were sometimes disgusting. It happens. And when I turn on the love aspect and not personally mine, it just convinces me that in the box the audience sees everything. So I thought: I will me them to continue to love, but at a distance. Just in time I withdrew from that project.

— You were in the jury in the program “One to one”.

— I’ve tried that never did. I never engaged in outright parody or, on the contrary, when they say: “remove person photo”. You know, I sang there for these two seasons, Pavarotti, Luspekaev, soloist, Igor…

And you skipped like Kornelyuk?

— No, I sang a sad song, this one: “the Night and silence given for ever” from “Gangster Petersburg”. So I had five good brusochkov, and most importantly, of course, if you do.

— Do you know him?

I just stumbled on it very much. I love this artist, of course, but what I could see? Two and a half role in the movie: “White sun of the desert”, “Republic SHKID” and the rest of the Leningrad television dramas in bad quality, excerpts. But some inner resemblance, I thought I had with him there. And when I took it in the theatre, Tovstonogov from the scene directly during the show, very loudly said: “the Second Pasha Luspekaev”. And that put me off. Because the second Pasha Luspekaev there is no such thing first if and the first Yuri Stoyanov. Although Yuri Stoyanov may be in relation to Luspekaeva hundred and first, but he is one. So there were some expectations from me that I will repeat is embodied in all of them, Tovstonogov, type greatest artist who ever worked in the theatre. But… Look in YouTube for me and him. Should I just do the mustache, and you will see what a terrible likeness.

A scene from the movie “Lily of the valley silvery”.

“Everything went together with “Town”: and Beslan, and submarines, and attacks”

— You Tovstonogov never said you’re still second strzelczyk, for example?

— No, second ” – ” I became myself when it parodied. It is a problem of my appearance. But what was at first a problem, was then a strong party in “Town”. And the problem was such that, as once said my aunt: “you, Yuri, such a face that you either film at any Desk can be put”. And then an amazing Director Ilya Averbakh said about me: “a Good actor, but with uncertain looks.”

— Mikhalkov spoke recently about Yuri Bogatyrev, that it too did not recognize on the street, and he was very upset. But he was a warrior!

Yeah, I like all of them. This means that if some sort of line to select, you will become like someone in particular. Here in “Town” we, of course, this side of the exploited. Make-up artists I know may not like me personally, but I love the look on my face because it is very easy to work with. I always spent a minimum of makeup. To make trump, for example, on new year’s “sparks”, I just a certain way combed hair and made the face red. Angela Merkel — just combed in some other way. I know how the wind blows on the head, I will play.

— Yur loving you, still I will say: I think, after the departure of Elijah, after “Town” you lost some its sharp line. You seem sweet, sweet, good-good…

Yeah, I took a niche, where the rest were simply afraid to get involved, knowing it was useless — competition, they will not stand. And now became one of many artists. No, not so: I became one of many DECENT artists in the country.

Need to watch the movie, which, unfortunately, is very hard to see now. First MiCHi svetozarova, which I’ve done, it is necessary to watch some good series which I am now. Well let’s see “Adaptation”. I say: “We haven’t seen you like this.” What is not seen? Well, played the Colonel of the FSB — so what? Is there some kind of stamp, what are the colonels of the FSB? I would to all regional areas wished such Lieutenant colonels like me. What you said is absolutely true, but I hasn’t been offered on the channel alternative. What I do to “Russia”, it is a way of survival.

But in “Town” you were different, every, different…

Because it was a story, invented for itself, and you answered only to themselves. You subordinated yourself, our pair, your thoughts, your taste, your censorship. This transfer was immediately aired, nobody watched. Believe it no one can! No authoritative inspection was not. And we will never disappoint. On the other hand, there have been cases monstrous. Whenever we take some kind of Hochma on the submarine — and this time sinks the submarine. Or the teacher in the class gets a gun, there is a very funny story, but at this time there is a seizure of the school. Everything went together with “Town”: and Beslan, and submarines, and attacks… But I always kept the transmission up to the last minute so as not to hurt any of the people. For me it was very important.

But “Town” from a rather lightweight and not always on friendly terms with the taste of transmission suddenly turned into a very meaningful story about our life.

— Chaplin said: “the Fate before giving to the person wings, breaks his legs.” We came into this thing not very young. Was the human experience is the most important thing. You always knew which country, about what people do. And for what. We made up a story, which we like. Of course, this is a perfect example of self-realization. The second does not.

But when I see these “lights”…

I work on the channel “Russia”. RA-Bo-TA-Yu. And once a year I call, give me a text… And I got to come. But there is something good. Very cool parody turned to max Galkin on Zhirinovsky. That is, we had two Zhirinovsky on stage and thought of it themselves. I have become the main Angela Merkel after Angela Merkel, and, in my opinion, I don’t like her, and she at me. Yes, it’s not “the Town” is another story, another format, new year’s eve — people drank, ate and laughed at the same time. I’m not the Director, I am not the author of the script, I just is-floor-not-tel. With all the consequences.

Do you watch TV?

— Not so much. I have his mind in order to understand what is happening in the world. Therefore, the transfer, explaining to me how I have to understand what is happening in the world, I don’t really need Me news on different channels and the Internet. I watch a lot of Discovery, HBO, just because I’m professionally interested. Looking at the top-level series, which I love, and sometimes I get on a very high quality — we have, fortunately, they began to appear. But I’m not attached to the TV.

Shot from a film “12”.

— Provocative question: do you think Vladimir Solovyov and Dmitry Kiselev and his colleagues, working with them on the same channel?

— I consider them my colleagues. Of course, we’re not colleagues, we are doing completely different things. But you know what I miss on TV? People my age and older. When I was just starting to fly, I first got on the plane of airline “Delta”, the us. Flew here from Moscow. I walked in and began looking for the familiar image of flight attendants. And I went to meet two grandmothers. They were two identical knitted sweaters and Slippers with fringes. I’m so relieved! I thought, well, if the grandmother had reached an age of airline “Delta”, of course, and I can fly. This is a very important thing, because bet on sport, youth and infinite health trend is great, but the youth channels. Me people like Posner or Zhvanetsky, does not suffice as a trend.

— Thus we see, as our eyes are getting old Urgant, Malakhov, the same nightingales with Kiselyov…

But our audience is also growing up with us. You know, like people coming up to me — what do you think, what you say? “Yuri, thank you for our happy childhood”. This is the phrase I hear most often.

— I prefer: “the Horrors of our town”.

But they mean his childhood. It’s funny because I don’t feel like a man that influenced a generation, to put it mildly… And I don’t like to appear in the samples. When I call for samples, I clamped and remember his unhappy creative youth, when all the audition ended without me. And I said, “We do not for this name. Just a few of the producers, managers, all 40-45 years. So 25 years ago they started to watch your show, being very young, and with this transfer lived a piece of life. And you were not as young as they are. Here they are interested in as you look right now?”

Sasha and tell her that I look good.

— Yuri, you look beautiful! Congratulations to you, dear.