Yuri Vernidub

Headed by Ukrainian coach of the club from Soligorsk?

Ukrainian specialist Yuriy Vernidub commented about a possible presentation as head coach of the Soligorsk Shakhtar on 4 November, writes “Tribune”.

– When it happens – I’ll say it first. But the first time I hear that right on Monday should lead. The grounds for such rumors is? I don’t know what you’re talking about. In life anything can happen, I’ve said it before, when I was asked.

So today, tomorrow something might change after tomorrow something else may change. Can’t answer this question as you would like. If you have something to talk about – I’m talking about. If not or still not quite there – say they do not know.

I don’t know what will happen to me tomorrow morning. Maybe, God forbid, with me something happens. At the moment I can’t say that I took Salihorsk.

– Would you accept Salihorsk “Shakhtar”?

– I don’t work from June, a lot of where we went. I had a lot of suggestions. Why not? If you were to take a normal command, with the base conditions for training, then why not? This is a normal situation.

Everyone will think, analyze and make your conclusion. It could be Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan. The only thing I know of Russia is definitely not accept. Except that when we have something change, then it will be about something to say. God forbid that something has changed, said vernydub.

SportArena has published information that Vernidub will present as the chief coach of the Soligorsk Shakhtar on Monday 4 November.