One person wants to quickly press the red button.

In the Arkhangelsk region of Russia, 8 August in the territory of military range during the test, liquid jet engine, an explosion occurred and the fire started. Experts believe that a nuclear accident in the White sea proved that from the time of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Russia has not changed anything.

It is noteworthy that the missile test was conducted the same “Rosatom”, which builds the NPP, contractors who supply equipment by modern standards, possess the technology and culture of production is practically the stone age.

What it may lead? The website asked for a comment to the Belarusian scientist-physicist, candidate of technical Sciences, former Secretary of the Commission on investigation of causes and consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl NPP in the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Yuri Voronezhtsev:

– About the state of emergency in the area of Severodvinsk very little information. You know, like in the “best traditions” of the Soviet authorities, who were involved in such cases. When I read the first news about it, he became immediately wool Western information Agency. Did it out of habit from 1986, the year when we learned about what happened at Chernobyl from their sources, and Western. This just about news writing, but the major sources are silent.

I’m alarmed, I started read more to watch it. Much has been written about the fact that maybe something happened with a Russian rocket with a nuclear engine “savages”. I don’t think this can be ruled out. I do no weapon not like, but this is the kind of dirty bomb. If the rocket, say, carries even half a ton of conventional explosives, it can destroy a large building or somewhere on the battlefield may cover large division. Thus there is a high radiation contamination areas.

As for “Petrel”, then I must say that I am not an expert in this area, but I know the principle of operation of this kind of media. This project took the Americans and British, and Soviet scientists for about 40 years. As soon as nuclear reactors, they immediately decided to adapt the quality of the engine. As far as I know, never happen, so I believe, and I believe that took a test flight.

If exploded “Burevestnik”, the emission would be more long-term than a few tens of minutes and more ambitious, because his reactor bad things much more than he appeared.

I think what happened is that I exploded the missile and liquid at high temperature has occurred, the sublimation of the isotopes in the air. It went on villages, where there was a sensor and they fixed short-term increase in radiation. It is my assumption that I was prompted, first, that was short-lived and a small release. Because the reactor plus the fire — it would be such a small Chernobyl. Square and level would be greater.

Secondly, there was a message that began to burn the clothes. It is difficult to understand because of radiation pollution, as we know, for example, Chernobyl is not burned but buried, because what’s the point to burn. The radionuclides will remain in the ash, the ash will rise into the air. Usually burned off when the pollution is chemical or bacteriological substances.

In General, it’s instilled in me a certain doubt, but again, this is my assumption. They could go out as a doubt hundreds of thousands of other people who are concerned about this incident, if published on-screen composition of emissions. It is possible to determine instantly what had actually happened.

If the isotope source is one of the spectral composition of the emission, rather scarce, and if it is valid, something happened to “Thunderbird” the solution of the reactor, the release will be a significant part of the periodic table.

In General, it is good that Belarus is far enough away from this place.

In any case, noteworthy is the practice of silence. Russia yesterday refused to tell the IAEA about a nuclear explosion in the Arkhangelsk region. It is likely, if something happens to the NPP, being built by the same “Rosatom”, that is the same veil of silence?

– I’ve been writing and talking. Unfortunately, this systemic risk, which along with the process, maybe even the most dangerous, because it is exactly the same policy of silence, as it was in 1986, with Chernobyl. In this I am more than sure.

The only 1986 there was no Internet, didn’t have those channels of communication that we have now. Though many still listened to different voices, and knew that something was wrong. Now given that fly and monitor the satellites, rather densely measuring stations are in Europe – will be immediately known about the incident. Over the Internet it will spread instantly, in minutes, to hide the incident will be difficult. However, again, the policy does not change, and attempts at such will.

If you compare the Chernobyl and Kyshtym disaster of 1957, the first year, then managed to classify everything, because there was no “votes”, communications, satellites — nothing. In 1986, fully scramble already failed, but quite a lot of information was closed and it was opened only in the 90s.

– In your opinion, is it possible to trust “Rosatom”? His staff was killed in Severodvinsk at a secret site, and he was involved in the construction of the Ostrovets NPP.

You know, I’m very biased to this structure. In the world there are two global mafia, which cause great harm to all mankind. The first is the drug mafia, the second — the nuclear mafia. The speed is approximately the same, and the harm they compete. From whom more is unknown.

– Do you think that was the theme of disasters more popular after the release of the TV series “Chernobyl”?

– Yes, the series somehow refreshed the event in the memory of people of my generation and gave some new knowledge to the youth. Unfortunately, we, in the West about the Chernobyl disaster began to forget. The series clearly showed what the “peaceful atom.” I think people are alert and episodes about which we speak, move people to a greater degree than it was before the release of the series. Is, the show claims, but, in General, is a very useful series and it is good that he came out and he looked so many people.

– It became known that as of October 1, the NPP intends to make nuclear fuel. What could be the consequences of fuel supply and whether the station start?

The start and conclusion of a nuclear reactor out of operation are the most dangerous things that could happen. You know, it’s like a plane. The most dangerous moments of takeoff and landing. You know, before in my circle of friends were people who worked in the ministries and high offices. Now these are almost gone, so I can’t tell what state the building generally is.

However, for me that is strange. This is probably the first time in the history of building nuclear power stations when they pass a total of, like, a year longer than scheduled. It usually lasts for years. The most striking example of the Finnish nuclear power plants, which, in my opinion, was never launched, although its build in 2005 year. The Finnish equivalent of “Rosatom” always finds some defects. We have the same, you see, the holiday of the October revolution will include the NPP and Lukashenka personally press the red button. Honestly, I am afraid.

That is, there is reason to believe that launch unfinished, unready station in pursuit of a date?

– Yes, somehow it too quickly “built”. Again, the man who had made a unilateral political decision to start the construction not so long ago stated that there turns out to be three billion dollars saved. That is, the NPP is not 10 billion will cost and seven. I can’t imagine how this could be. Because everything must be calculated to the last detail. Each gram of concrete, the cog, it does not shed or barn!

Moreover, it is believed that this reference project. Actually it is not so. That is, there are developments within a few years several reactors. For example, Lukashenko will say that such reactors supplied 10 pieces and they work from 1 – 5 years and there was not a single incident, but here it is not.

That is, the experiment is carried out?

– Yes, it turns out. You know, the argument of the authors of this project, not even the authors and promoters that work hard to not stand up to scrutiny and sometimes even funny.

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