Yuri Voronezh

To collect mushrooms and berries in Belarus is risky.

About it wrote in “Facebook” the famous Belarusian scientist, inventor, politician and public figure Yuri Voronezh:

– Food from the garden. On the edges are machine pickers. The area with contamination in excess of 1 Curie/ km2

Even if contaminated soil close to background (of 0.1 — 0.2 CI/km2), the content of cesium in some mushrooms may exceed the permissible level (370 Bq/km2). Yes, and this purely arbitrary level of “acceptable”. In a normal product of radioactive cesium should not be at all! In an extreme case – a few units due to the global fallout.

Indeed, there is a limit to human greed and stupidity has no limits!

Almost half (47%) of all tested in past year mushrooms collected in the forests of Gomel region, was exceeding the maximum permissible level for cesium-137. This is the result of radiation monitoring. In the year before the figure was 48.2 per cent. Average, if I may say so, the rate of contamination of mushrooms with cesium amounted to 689 Bq/km2, with a maximum at 31193 Bq/km2. It is such a lethal rate of contamination was recorded last year in the rural aspen. Narovlyansky chanterelles showed more than 8 thousand Bq/km2, Kalinkovichi and almost 8 thousand Bq/km2, Rogachev and Zhlobin — more than 5 thousand Bq/km2. Recorded a significant excess in the remote forest gifts not only from the most contaminated of Lelchitsy, vetkovsky, Komarin, Khoyniki, Chechersk, Buda-Koshelevo forestry, but Rechitsa, Zhitkovichi, Gomel, Vasilevichi.

In the Gomel region there are only three or four “clean” spots where you can pick mushrooms and berries without the risk of ending on the table of the surgeon – oncologist.