The shortage of doctors in Ukraine is already 30%, and this trend is stopped, it can only be a significant increase in the funding of health care. This was stated by the candidate in Prime Ministers from the “Opposition platform for life,” Yuriy Boyko, while commenting on the situation in the healthcare industry.

“The first thing we will do, having won the election, cancel the disastrous medical reform. Health spending in the budget will be 5% of GDP, not 3% as it is today. One of our key objectives is to make treatment accessible and effective even in the smallest village. “Er” should be possible to quickly arrive at each call, not like now, if you are an elderly person, to rely on the ambulance is not necessary. In addition, you must resolve the issue of availability of medicines and the introduction of health insurance”, – said Yuriy Boyko.

The politician stressed that virtually no medical reform was not only the arbitrariness of the acting Minister of health Uliana Suprun, which destroyed the network of medical institutions in the country.

“The meaning of any reform is to the industry, which is reform, has become better. So, for example, six months after the reform, you could report that 90% of the updated equipment in hospital facilities. What kind of complex operations, especially when it concerns children, it is not necessary to travel to the capital. Then it’s a reform,” he said.

Today, according to him, the doctor, earning 4-5 thousand hryvnia, of course, will leave the country, and we will lose experts. “70 thousand doctors have already moved abroad. If the situation does not change, soon we will forget not only about modern medicine, and generally about at least some medical care. Today’s health care rests on doctors, enthusiasts, enthusiastically devoted to their profession. So the doctor’s salary must be at least 12 thousand hryvnia. After the elections we will achieve a real health care reform, which will restore everything that was destroyed Suprun”, – said Yuriy Boyko.