Ukrainian coach intends to achieve with the club from Soligorsk maximum results.

The new head coach of Shakhtar Yuriy Vernidub commented on his appointment today, talked about his coaching staff and shared his opinion about the strength of the championship of Belarus, reports “Tribuna”.

– Had a little bit to get used to?

– In the process. See where the guys are working, in what conditions. Met with players and staff.

– In General, how familiar with the Belarusian football?

– I always follow the championship of Belarus. Knew that here were three giants: “Dinamo-Minsk”, as if they were not now – a brand; BATE – the repeated participant of the group stages of the European Cup; Shakhtar are a team which is always in the top three.

This year a very seriously said “Dinamo-Brest”. Understand that there is a good League. Even the fact that his play 16 clubs. In the former Soviet Union a few left of these Championships. In Ukraine now, for example, 12 teams in Premier League. Yes, there are plans to next year, there were 14 teams in a year 16. I think this is the best option. Belarus is already there. Again, I mentioned four clubs, but there are still “Isloch”, which shows a good Mature football. There are “Gorodeya”, there is “torpedo-BelAZ” – a lot of good teams.

Yes, there was a situation with Minsk “torpedo”, the team did not finish the championship. I think this is an isolated case. In Ukraine, unfortunately, in recent years, this happened more than once.

– According to reports in the press you had a few career development options, but you chose Shakhtar. Why?

– First of all, working conditions are very good: fields, base. It has bribed me. The second is that there is a problem. There is an opportunity to realize himself as a coach, and players to help in development. There is everything to finally make this step and get into the championship. I love it when there is a call. Will do everything possible to convince the guys that they can do it. The selection of players is good.

– More time for the next season. This left three more rounds. What are the goals for these games?

– Next game with “Slavia” will be Sergey Nikiforenko. He knew better than the guys. For us, it will be able to watch the game live. I’ve watched a lot of Shakhtar’s matches on video, but live is something else. To be able to evaluate the team. After this game we will give the chance to children to relax, just have a break on matches of national teams. And after the weekend we will start working specifically.

– You will somehow influence the choice of the squad for the match against Mozyr, supporting?

– No. To get involved, I will not. We Nikiforenko talked for about an hour, and exchanged views, but no more. I like to watch the game, getting to know the guys, their attitude. I hope that they will show themselves to be real professionals. There are still three games this year. We need to play and fight to the end.

– Talk about your coaching staff.

Are the people with whom I worked for a very long period. Valery Mikhailenko – he will be responsible for preparing for the matches and analysis of the rivals, to work with those sensors that will help us determine the state of the players. Plus, work with training videos. Especially, training tactical plan to see what we do and what needs to be corrected. Count of all technical-tactic actions will also be behind him.

Goalkeeping coach – Alexander Nogin. I think, a very strong specialist. After working with him, the guys got into the national team and do well there showed. Lunin is perhaps the most striking example. It is clear that much depended on the goalkeeper, but the work, which was conducted by Alexander, it helped a lot. There are examples of the two goalkeepers-namesakes of Alexei and Nikita Shevchenko, which it has achieved in what have become major players in the Premier League and has earned the right to represent the country in the international arena.

Igor Fokin will be responsible for the physical preparation of the team and in the line of defense. Of course, it is also to go a huge amount of work.

While I came with these people. At the winter training camp we are going to have a trainer my first mate. He will be responsible for a tactical build. While I will not say the name, it can be. I hope that he will reach.

What kind of game can we expect from Shakhtar under your command?

The scheme of the game, which I love, now I do not want to sound. Everyone will see her later. I can say that we with the coaching staff and players will try to do everything that we were showing quite interesting football, which will bring points and that may finally allow us to accomplish the task of standing for so many years.

Clearly, what are we going to trust the youth. Will try to specifically monitor and review the reserves lads. This relationship will be established. Vertical should be built. At least, U-19 and U-21 must work under the scheme and those requirements that apply to the first team. I will attend to the training of boys and maybe a place to tell the coaches to the boys quickly adapted, said vernydub.