June 5 marks the 60th anniversary Director, screenwriter, producer Yusup Razykov. He was born in Tashkent, graduated from the screenwriting Department VGIK, where his master was a famous screenwriter Valentin Chernykh who wrote the script of the film “Moscow does not believe in tears”. For 5 years Yusuf was the Director of “Uzbekfilm”. He made over 100 films and episodes of serials. His full-length paintings “She”, “Maiden shepherd”, “Worker” won awards at film festivals around the world. The recent “Shame” — about a village on the Kola Peninsula, where live the families of sailors and where crashes submarine, won the FIPRESCI prize at the film festival in Karlovy vary. Recently, Yusup Razykov finished the painting “Turkish saddle”, and submit it to the Open Russian film festival in Sochi.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Yusup Razykov

— Once you were the Uzbek Director, was the Director of “Uzbekfilm”, and now — Russian Director. What’s the difference?

— Yes, no . Maybe there are fewer illusions. Not in life. Model the relationship between the state, identity, and art not changed. We are treading water. The stagnation has not stopped. No patterns of movement and development of society. I still do a movie about what I feel. When I worked in Uzbekistan was not interested in Ethnography. It was considered as a curse. I’m making a movie that is directly connected with the person, his movements, desires, dead-ends.

— Inarritu. He’s working in Hollywood Mexican, continues to make movies about compatriots, migrants. So you removed the “Migrant workers”, wrote the screenplay for the film “Escape from Moskvabada” on the same subject. They also ordered?

— I’m telling you this because migrant workers are a part of our society. In San Francisco is broadcasting in Spanish and Chinese. There are channels addressed to these people, and they feel part of society. We have the same workers — yet unrecognized part of the society. But look at what is happening in Moscow on Sunday.

What is happening?

Muscovites on the streets there. And in the New year in the center — solid Asia. If moved in a brother or uncle, you can go to him and feel at home. And the Russian people for centuries any seal around the borders is perceived as a threat. When in Argentina, worked as a waiter from Ecuador, this is no surprise. For migrant workers from former Soviet republics, even if they were born after Gorbachev, Moscow is still the capital. They imbibed it with mother’s milk.

— And then the capital of deceiving their expectations.

— It depends. Someone all is going well. Have you noticed that in Moscow the Uzbek restaurants more than Italian. In Danilovsky market worth of all of the Muscovites for the samosa. Many ask where the fruit. If Uzbek, take without looking. When the person are to live, not enough air, when he is not in demand, and next some Uzbeks in large numbers, it is annoying. In the early ‘ 90s movie was filmed almost. And I on “Mosfilm” there were three office — I start with three pictures. And many of my Russian comrades were without work. Remember to call the operator Yuri Paradise and called on the project. My wife and I were expecting a baby. Tashkent was like a tomb — no work, a complete stupor. And I went to Moscow and were suddenly in demand. Now do not even remember the names of those projects. Understand that if Russian people live on their land and can’t find the application, it causes irritation. But Moscow is not Russian land, and the point of a powerful Asian concentrate. The workers did not believe that he arrived somewhere. They came in their and their parents ‘ capital Moscow. It is the mental different neighborhood.

“I’m flying”scenario

— You often have to do the scriptwriting or directing?

— I earn as a script-doctor — treat scenario. There are people who do not possess the art of dialogue, can’t write the scene, do not feel heroes. Here I they also help. It is an interesting work. I have no illusions about the authorship, when you’re dealing with television. There is not need

— That is, you receive the raw material, which we must bring to mind?

— Yes, it must be cured. And quickly, usually within a week. To make the script. But on television — the same stream.

— So this intolerable job?

Why? Tried to like the main characters, to understand their magic, even if the woman otherwise, how can an idiot call. Until you love it — nothing happens. You get the material and try to revive him. For this we have to raise a lot of literature, dive into what you don’t know the author, who started and did not know the producer, to study the environment. I had a script about MOE, and I looked through all the reports, interviews, felt that such a feat for these people. And when he treated the script of the pageant, turned inside out, everything connected with their conduct, and instead of the porcelain of the brain appeared of destiny. Valentin Chernykh taught me to make the Bible characters, know all about them.

— So your authorship is not indicated?

— More often than not, and I don’t insist. It’s up to the producer with the script. To me there is no nobler deed than the act of the producers of “true detective”, which failed in its second season and has appeared in the press, taking the blame for what has led the authors to quickly write and shoot, and did not go the way of the spiritual success of the first season. They are the first on television, who took the blame. But they would not be producers, if not added at the end of that third season will fix everything.

— Your own hero — guard of the “Turkish saddle” — how did you come?

— I saw this man and was amazed. How would I put this? I got a plastic order. I felt that would be an incredible loss if this man will not play what he expresses. It is childishness and aggression from him is a threat. He doesn’t know which side and to whom to turn. This confusion of living in a hostile human society, devoid of prospects, very typical. Infinitely trust one person becomes difficult. People are incredulous because I am waiting for the catch.

Shot from a film “Turkish saddle”

— So you saw your hero virtual or met a particular person?

— I saw a man, the actor, who came to me for an episode. For some reason against him felt a sense of duty. So sometimes composers and heard a bird and wanted the sound to ply. I have four years went for his hero. He’s from Yaroslavl, and no one took him as a serious artist. He is a man of incredible kindness and discipline, neat, neat. As he looks! There is nothing superfluous in 62 years. Long held in his mind. It turned out in Yaroslavl the festival where friends learned about my plan, wanted to become partners. They gave money, which was enough for me for the salary group. Just me, the cameraman and one actor not been paid. Friends sent me a camera from Belarus actually free. We rented for 11 days

— There are several strong films about the guards. In one of them — “the law of the market” — was played by French actor Vincent Lindon and was awarded two years ago a prize at the Cannes film festival. What is so attractive in people of this profession?

— Can’t give explanation for this. Chaplin, too, was a hero guarding the store. I was an interesting person, who keeps sitting and looking at the flow of people from which snatches of interesting characters. There are a syndrome of the watchman — the stage of human insanity, when a person suddenly becomes more important than you and has the right “not let go”. I read that in Moscow there are about 600 thousand of the guards. They make good money, and that’s a whole class of people who are absolutely manageable and predictable. But I was looking for the observer with unblinking eyes, facing inward. The crowd he sees. It is for him faceless. I wanted to make a film about how limited the human imagination, and this movie was difficult to tell. I wonder what he will think out for people. We came up with the slogan: “I’m behind you. We are together”.

The horror! He’s like a video camera?

— Our complexes. It would be a pity if the audience can feel that way. But I fear that it will be a lot interesting. Today’s viewers need a story, politicized move, until the figs in his pocket, and a huge advertising resource. People treat the cinema as design. Going to the movies has a much greater social value than the view.

— You have something no man behind, which would be followed and protected?

— Is. The Lord God. I’m not Orthodox people, but when they say that they write for God, not lying. He is my appraiser and the principal author. But art… It has no meaning. Copyright film — like barrier between the world and you. You have to do in the cell. I read a beautiful essay about Olga Bergholz. After the war, when everything was sharp, she talked about the fact that people lack compassion.

— Mercy and love.

— Love, the more specific the substance. My heart breaks when I see a man that no one alarm to start. There is nothing more infernal than collective death. When there is a war, it’s understandable. But why at the same time 11 people die due to the fact that the trees have fallen during a hurricane? No shots were fired. You don’t go to war. Just fell the tree. Life outside of sin does not exist. I know one or two people who live differently. I took the last interview of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad, Metropolitan Laurus, when filming the “Orthodoxy in America”. He gave us the “Metaxa” and that the people who want him to say some words in support of the Association of Russian and foreign churches. But he began to talk about his friendship with Rostropovich, about some light stuff. Monastery in Jordanville, where Metropolitan Laurus lived, is a modern hostel. The monks go there in the headphones. They’re all colors and all speak in Russian, baked Russian bread. And Laurel lived in the cell. When we talked, he went to her on a forest path.

— How interesting! But why the choice fell on you, not on someone from the Orthodox filmmakers?

— Case. I love the Christian churches, and the following picture was created about Protestantism and Catholicism, visited all the churches in Poland and America, watched in every detail. Had never made a documentary, and suddenly was asked to write the script. I think I was invited for the character. If you have an idea, I work as Bulgakov said, over a glass of vodka. To the resorts and cottages do not ask. Then occurred a mystical event. We were supposed to fly to Alaska. Was Christmas traffic, it is impossible to fly. And if they fly away, never coming back — at Christmas time to get tickets is unreal! I said to our Director: “Let’s not fly to Alaska. Let’s go in Jordanville, NY”. The plane that we were supposed to fly, was wrecked. I first talk about it. What is it? Case?