The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said on his page in Facebook the Minister for foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin, who proposed to walk the streets of Ukrainian cities with portraits of the “martyred by Stalin’s repressions of Ukrainians” instead of the traditional action “Immortal regiment”, reports “Russian conversation”.

The Russian foreign Ministry has advised Ukrainian colleagues to organize a rally in memory of victims of criminals Bandera and other Ukrainian collaborators.

“Let’s not forget Saakashvili to call. This is the first. And secondly, far better in these days of may to take up the tortured portraits of Bandera and other Ukrainian collaborators. And then the day of the birth of Bandera in Ukraine is celebrated, and about his victims are forgotten,” the report says.

Previously a member of the defense Committee Franz Klintsevich recommended Klimkin to meet the level of the Minister and not to svyatotattsev, speaking on behalf of all Ukrainians.

We will remind, participants of the action “Immortal regiment” on may 9, annually pass a convoy through the streets with photos of their relatives – veterans of the great Patriotic war.