On Tuesday, March 21, law enforcement officers detained in Moscow of the correspondent of the Ukrainian news Agency UNIAN. About it the journalist wrote on his page in Facebook.

Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova promised not to give offense to the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, according to “Russian conversation”.

“Roman Tsymbalyuk, saw the post about your arrest. Understand. Offense will not give. Hang in there!” – wrote the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry in Facebook.

Later Zakharov added that law enforcement authorities released Ukrainian journalist.

“According to the interior Ministry, the Novel was released. Outfit called people who complained about the screams. That screaming novel, he tells himself,” – said in the message .

In comments to the post Tsymbalyuk thanked the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry and confirmed that it let go.

“Thank you, are supposed to give the passport of citizen of Ukraine, I hope the substitution will not,” wrote Tsymbalyuk.