Maria Zakharova pointed out the inconsistency of US foreign policy to their principles. It is reported by RT, reports “Russian conversation”.

Zakharova recently laid siege to the American side in response to an attempt to impose on Russia responsible for the Venezuelan political crisis.

The Russian diplomat commented on the intervention of Washington in the Affairs of Venezuela. Zakharova said that the US meddling in the Affairs of other countries, destroy their own ideology.

The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry reminded that Americans have always stood for democracy and freedom around the world. According to her, now the US political system is turning into what they always fought.

Zakharova called the ongoing U.S. policy against the Venezuelan intervention. She stressed that this absolute interference in the Affairs of another country. The diplomat added that the Venezuelan people can make decisions about the future of the Latin American countries.

As reported, “Russian conversation”, Nicolas Maduro began in advance to prepare for the tightening of sanctions Washington against Caracas.

Recall that Donald trump was embarrassing when he talked about the withdrawal of Russian specialists from Venezuela.