Sergey Lavrov expressed the readiness of the Russian Federation to transfer to Japan two of the Kuril Islands. He said this during his speech at the forum “Territory” held near Moscow, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to “Moscow speaking”.

The Russian foreign Minister referred to the Soviet Declaration of 1956, which stated that Japan and Russia are no longer against each other war.

“On the basis of friendly relations to Japan, taking into account the interests of the Japanese people, the Soviet Union was prepared after the peace agreement of transfer of Japan of Islands Habomai and Shikotan as a gesture of peace will. It was after the conclusion of a peace Treaty,” explained Lavrov pointed to Russia’s readiness to fulfil the commitments of the USSR as its successor.

The Russian Minister also said the reluctance of Tokyo to recognize the results of world war II, emphasizing Moscow’s willingness to further develop bilateral relations in all fields. In his view, the current situation is not a dead end.

Maria Zakharova August 15, commented Lavrov. She made it clear that the statement of the foreign Minister of the Russian Federation should be regarded as the official position of Moscow. However, she criticized some media for distorting his words. In the foreign Ministry cautioned against any speculation in the spirit of “Lavrov announced conditions of transfer of Islands of Japan” and called this interpretation of his words is unacceptable.

Last week Tokyo provoked a scandal, depicting the site of the Olympics-2020 from the Southern Kuriles as Japanese territory.

Earlier, Japanese media tried to impose on Moscow responsibility for the fact that a peace Treaty between the two countries still have not signed.