Maria Zakharova said that Moscow supports the residents of Donbass, who became the de facto Russians. She said this on Thursday, April 25, at a briefing, transfers “Russian conversation”.

Yesterday, 24 April, Vladimir Putin signed a decree significantly simplified for residents of the LC and the DNI to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation.

According to her, the situation in Eastern Ukraine is deteriorating and getting worse every month and the people are forced to live under fire. The diplomat laid on Kiev responsible for the fact that the residents of the Donbass have become stateless. The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry said that the decision about the passports for a long time were studied, proceeding from the real situation.

Zakharova called unjust accusations that Russia allegedly does not do anything for these residents. She stressed that Russia provided moral support, political support and humanitarian assistance is well worth it. As the diplomat noted, without the support of Moscow life of the population of Donbass would have been much more dramatic.

Previously Zakharov responded to the criticism of Kurt Volker to the decree of Putin.

Recently Vyacheslav Volodin has explained, what purpose the Russian leader has made it easier to get passports for the residents of the breakaway republics of Donbass.