UN, 20 Dec. /TASS/. A meeting of the UN Security Council on Wednesday was marked by another war of words between diplomats of Russia and Ukraine. The Ukrainian side has accused Moscow of “aggressive policy” against neighboring States, and also recalled adopted yesterday by the General Assembly resolution on Crimea. In turn, the first Deputy permanent representative to the UN, Peter Ilichev pointed out that the statements of the representatives of Ukraine are contrary to common sense, and stressed that Kiev has no proof of Russian intervention in the conflict in the Donbass.


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Meeting of the security Council was devoted to the modern challenges to international peace and security. The Ukrainian delegation raised the topic of Donbas even at the meeting on the DPRK on 15 December, not deviated from the usual course . Starting with complaints about the working methods of the Security Council, including the right of veto of its permanent members, the Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine Serhiy Kislitsa directly proceeded to the accusations against Russia, claiming that she has no respect for the UN Charter and norms of international law.

“In 2008, it invaded Georgia and occupied part of its territory. In 2014, she was illegally occupied and attempted to Annex Crimea, and then expanded an armed conflict in the Ukrainian region of Donbass. Was it able to properly respond? The answer is well known,” – said the Deputy Minister.

Waiting for the response of the Russian side, he tried to explain why Kiev continues to raise the issue of “Russian aggression” at the meetings of the security Council. “Our answer is very simple: Russia’s actions have undermined and continue to undermine the system of international law and pose a direct threat to international peace and security, which is a concern of this Council,” said Sorrel.

Taking the word of zampolpreda of the Russian Federation drew attention to the fact that the city “intentionally forgot to mention” about “the root causes of conflict in the South-East of Ukraine”, namely external intervention in the domestic processes of foreign support “of such disruptive processes, such as unconstitutional change or seizure of power”. “What kind of rights can speak the representative of a country whose leadership came to power in a coup in Kiev in February 2014? It was then that began this tragedy. The path to resolving the conflict known – full implementation by the Kiev authorities of the Minsk agreements, supported by Security Council resolution”, – stressed Ilyichev.

Evidence of RF interference no

By this time the Sorrel had retired from the hall of the security Council, and the answer for it kept zampolpreda of Ukraine Yuriy Vitrenko. He said that on Tuesday the General Assembly with majority of votes adopted a resolution on Crimea, which “confirmed the disgraceful status of Russia as an occupying power”.

Responding to the attacks of the Ukrainian side, formerly called representative of Kiev “to respect the Council and its members.” “The last thing I would like to enter into this senseless debate, but another batch of unfounded and contrary to common sense statements forces us to use the response,” said zampolpreda of the Russian Federation. According to him, since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine Kiev at different venues talking about “Russian aggression” and “Russian interference” in the conflict in the Donbass. “However, the evidence to support this claim as it was not, but there is evidence of countless violations of international law by the Ukrainian side”, – the diplomat said, citing UN reports and other international organizations.

“How long you have to destroy hospitals, schools, homes, to finally calm down, to stop this massacre and to sit down at the negotiating table with its own citizens, which you are still referred to as terrorists? Again, the road map you created to the problem is written in the Minsk agreement. It remains only to follow them,” said Ilyichev.

Skirmishes between Russia and Ukraine to the UN security Council meetings have become commonplace, but their intensity has increased during the last week of the year, after which Kiev will leave a non-permanent seat of the security Council.