The scene of the crash MAU

The Iranian foreign Minister admitted that Tehran needed help from Western countries to perform the decryption of the black boxes of the downed aircraft MAU.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif said Tehran will not independently initiate decoding of black boxes of the downed plane Ukraine International airlines, and do not give them to other governments. He told about it in interview to the American TV channel NBC News 14 Feb.

Citing the norms of International air law, Zarif noted that Tehran has the right to lead the investigation into the crash of a Boeing 737 Ukrainian, but acknowledged the technical failure of the country to do it.

According to the Minister, Iran will not be able to retrieve data from the black boxes without the software, cables, and additional information from US or other Western countries.

As stressed Zarif, Tehran sought assistance in deciphering the Washington, but was refused.

“We recognized that the plane was shot down by a missile fired by us. All the information you want to get the relatives of the victims, is there. We need information, why it happened, we refuse to provide this information,” he added.

The Minister said that at the moment black boxes are opened, but on their transcript, no one works.

“No, we will not patronise the black boxes in the absence of all interested parties,” he said.

Earlier, Iran declared readiness to transfer the black boxes of the downed plane UIA Ukraine or another state, if the Iranian experts will not be able to decrypt it.

Recall, the Boeing 737, which made a flight from Tehran to Kiev, crashed on the morning of 8 January, immediately after takeoff from the airport of the Iranian capital.

On Board were 167 passengers and nine crew members, they all died.

Initially, the Iranian authorities have denied any involvement in the tragedy, but on 11 January, acknowledged that Boeing was shot down by mistake by the Iranian military.

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