As many of you know already, the actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk after he learned about his terminal illness, was treated in Poland and Germany. Renowned neurosurgeon said, why the choice of the actress did not fall on Russia, reports Russian Dialogue with reference to

Nikolai Konovalov is a Professor, corresponding member of RAS and head of the Department of neurosurgery of the Institute, so his words have tremendous weight.

The specialist said that in Russia, car crash 100% offered and the surgery and treatment and was hospitalized her in the most ordinary policy, they are free.

“I’m sure of it. Urgent operations we do not have queues. Given the fact that she’s a famous actress, the more even the next day,” – said the expert.

But why she was chosen for the treatment of other countries, he can understand. According to him, Anastasia was just thinking that there are experts much more qualified, but he disagrees.

Surgeon cited statistics which proves that foreign doctors are no better in the treatment of patients and their Russian colleagues make different mistakes at most of them, and even there are many cases when Russia is famous for the great victories in healing seriously ill patients, rather than abroad.

“By the way, the brain tumors we have a great surgical school. This direction is not in place. But patients still trust Western medicine,” said the surgeon.

Also Nikolay said that when Anastasia will remove the tumor, the chances of the surgery she has a wonderful since this clinic is not just doing cases like this. As already known, to remove a malignant tumor the actress will be in Moscow.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” a friend of car crash revealed the truth about the treatment of Actresses abroad. It turned out that the actress chose to treat another country.

It is also known that the car crash has shed light on a mysterious scar on her neck. No one ever paid attention to the “flaw” of the actress, and very vain.