Husband suffering from brain cancer actress Peter Chernyshev, will soon be seriously risking their lives, reports the Russian Dialogue with reference to LigaNews.

As many of you know already, in a short time Peter Chernyshov leaves his terminally ill wife Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and get back to work. Peter is a famous figure skater and in his new program decided to surprise fans with new stunts.

About the new program skater told his colleague Tatiana Navka, with whom he will perform on the ice.

It is reported that the stars are preparing to present the musical “the Scarlet flower”, where Chernyshev and Navka will appear before the public in the lead roles.

“It will be a completely different spectacle than “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. With Peter we’ll be flying on a special balcony without insurance,” said Navka.

It is worth noting that, after reading the news of Tatiana, many netizens expressed their concerns for the life Chernyshev. They said that the performance of tricks without insurance can turn to skaters tragedy. Also fans said that they only have one grief in the family of Anastasia and not enough to now and Peter was hurt.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Peter Chernyshev announced the departure of the ice show “Ruslan and Lyudmila” after I heard about the cancer from his wife and in this regard, it was to replace Alexei Rogonov.

However, the representative of the athlete Yegor Razumovsky confirmed the news about the continuation of the career of the skater. He also noted that nobody was going to replace anyone, this is just fiction media.

Netizens were stunned by this news. Many expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that her husband was seriously ill Zavorotnyuk will be able to leave his wife in such a difficult situation.

As previously reported, the Russian Dialogue, Zavorotnyuk was hiding the truth surfaced unexpected information about the disease actress. It turned out that the actress was trying to be strong.

It is also known that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk merits: secrets of the Actresses paraded. Journalists and secular observers was finally rude.