The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has told about his vision of how to transform Ukraine into a truly rich country and urged business to invest in Ukraine money, time and ideas.

“We are carefully studying the experience of countries that succeeded. Understand that they are primarily invested in education, technology and infrastructure. Ukraine will do the same. Therefore, the role of government in the economy in the next five years will be reduced to three things: not to interfere with the business work; to build business excellent infrastructure, and to create the conditions to do business in Ukraine it was just convenient; third, focus on education, science and technology,” he said at a meeting with the business community on Thursday in Kiev.

Zelensky indicated that not accustomed to catch up, so with his team looking for a creative breakthrough and innovative solutions for Ukraine and soon they will talk about in more detail.

The President noted that “developing from a poor country to country with average income level is not so difficult.” “Here the recipes are simple, success stories are known. This mandatory program, and we will do that within the next five years,” he said.

While Zelensky is convinced that Ukraine needs to become “truly rich country.”

“According to the world Bank, in 1960, was 101 a country that is developing, and only 13 of them were able to become rich developed countries. Moreover, most of them did it at the expense of natural resources. Economists have a special term: “middle income trap”. Its essence is very simple – poor countries compete through cheap labour. Once a country receives the average level of revenues, competitive advantage disappear and the country ceases to evolve rapidly. In this scenario, the country almost never gets rich, high – “middling” – he explained.

“Six months ago I made the decision to invest in Ukraine the most precious thing I have – my time. I urge you to do the same: invest in Ukraine time, money, ideas. Let’s change Ukraine together!” – Zelensky said, referring to the business end of my speech.