The winner of the presidential elections in Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky
thinks it is too early to make statements about the possible dissolution of the Supreme
Happy, so at the moment he has no such authority. He stated in
Saturday, may 4, communicating with journalists after a meeting with the heads of the factions
the Ukrainian Parliament, reports “Russian conversation”.

“Everyone wants to hear, will
if we can dissolve the Parliament or not. Early to talk about it, yet no authority.
Once I have authorization, you will receive a response,” said

He also said that his
the team proposed to conduct the inauguration on may 19. The decision on this issue
The Verkhovna Rada will take on the 14th.

Previously, experts noted that
if Zelensky on may 19 will officially take the powers of the President, to 27
the number he will have the opportunity to dissolve the current Parliament.

The fact that the Ukrainian
the Constitution prohibits to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada in the last six months of its powers.
The next parliamentary elections in Ukraine scheduled for October this

We will remind, still acting
the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko scares Ukrainians crisis and debt in the event of a dissolution of Parliament.