Vladimir Zelensky
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The newly elected President of Ukraine allowed himself the inaugural speech, which many Russian citizens have envied.

Poroshenko defeated. Zelensky? It is not serious, it is something intermediate. Advocates with the Federal TV was going to relax and have fun, but then something went wrong.


…And all the propaganda army by Kiselev from Solovyov to Kabaevoy with Popov after the triumph Zelensky felt offended, if not insulted.

So somehow obscene peacefully and democratically held elections. Where announced scandals, riots, blood? Where the alleged atrocities redobandire junta? Where the curators-the puppet masters in Washington? And what does the President-elect?

The newly elected President has allowed his inaugural address, which many Russian citizens have envied unexpectedly for themselves. Envy and the ceremony. Well, at least because it is impossible human. And the President Zelensky looked unbearably human.

Here can not, and do not want to forgive telecomandi type Scheinin, Kuzicheva, norkina. On their faces and then flickers an expression of impotent rage, which they somehow try to mask with irony, sarcasm. But they painfully awkward at the same mines. Though perhaps in slow motion.

Struck Sergei Markov. It somehow just inspired my determination of the young President when, directly from the rostrum, dissolved the Parliament.

— Come on, Vladimir, ‘ screamed the scientist in the camera — rests, don’t let the oligarchs themselves to trample. Lean on the army and intelligence agencies!

Not so emotionally, he was already on the other channel was seconded by Director Shakhnazarov. And the same old story: he, Zelensky, need an army, he needed the security forces. “We need to push the ultra-nationalists, it is necessary to defeat them!”

Another good tip was from our pique of political: click on the security forces of the DNI. (The tractor with the miners? Then it would be worth to call the “polite men”.) Then followed dreams: and it would be good for Ukraine appeared Bonaparte. He would put things in order… (Then, maybe, for greater reliability to resurrect Stalin?)

The first couple of days after the inauguration of a propaganda show reminiscent of the councils of doctors decide what to prescribe a patient the Ukraine. Prescriptions and medication was offered one, but proven and reliable. The same thing that from all illnesses to us more useful, namely a Kalashnikov.

Soon, however, the “doctor” realized that a danger is presented by Zelensky. That is some sort of malicious virus. And to treat it is necessary not only “accidents” of Ukrainians, but also “happy” Russians. It is too late.

Zelensky like the plague

Just as the servant announced the creation of the party “servant of the people”, as it is the rating exceeded all other party groupings.

Russia could not try on the Ukrainian conflict, at least in the manner of a joke. Our masters of pop genre had plenty of offers to consider self-nomination for the post, sad to say, the President of Russia. The Network already is an unspoken pre-casting of possible candidates: Galkin, Urgant, Petrosyan, Martirosyan, Galustyan who else is there.

While these comedians ponder, calculate and figure out what might be the consequences, humorist Garik Kharlamov of the “Comedy club” — also, incidentally, a former KVN player, ventured to break into the “reception” to the President of Russia. I need some advice.

Artist, slightly similar to Dmitry Peskov, told the artist, very similar to Vladimir Putin:

Garik Kharlamov.

The President was surprised, but descended:

— Let him come.

And between the high sides is quite a funny conversation, from whom we learn that Garik hit the trend indicated Zelensky, witted in the past, and the artist, similar to BB, about it knew nothing.

Parody, as a fairy tale lie, Yes in it a hint. Garik Kharlamov, like a Princess, running from the “Palace”, in time having understood, that not a human thing — to be a king. And what is better for another 15 years to gag in the “Comedy club” than the next six winters and years of toil in the galleys of the Kremlin wall. (Just kidding. It seems unfortunate, as told to Gary.)

Jokes aside, the Communist and the film Director Vladimir Bortko made clear that a positive example Zelensky strengthened his intention to nominate his candidacy for the post of Governor of St. Petersburg, about which he told the audience “Rain” in the Hard Day’s Night.

The man he was, as it turned out in the course of transmission, it is not easy, that is contradictory. Zelensky appreciate, but the people of Ukraine for it is inseparable from the Russian people because he was born in Ukraine, grew up in Ukraine, received an education there. Putin he also appreciates, but believes Russia today is a feudal state, and all the ills of absolute power “United Russia”, which he would like to tear to shreds, leading cultural capital. Putin, according to the vision Bortko, should remain in his post shall be irremovable. Therefore, domestic humor can relax.

Literary critic Anna Narinsky Director gently chided the film “heart of a Dog” in which the Soviet feudalism is not presented in the most favorable light. But the author easily repulsed. His film is not against Soviet power and against individual ignorant of its representatives.

In the case of claims directed to the throne of the Governor could recall another movie comrade Bortko — series “Peter the great. The last will and Testament”. It is already a serious hint of the professed form of government in the Russian State — feudal. In the finale we see the Royal tomb of Peter moved from the EIGHTEENTH century in the twenty-first, where it floats on the modern Nevsky prospect straight to the Peter and Paul fortress.

Today, it looks as if Peter, leaving this mortal world, has blessed the governorship of Vladimir Bortko.

Apparently, the fall of Petrograd is a difficult choice between horseradish and radish.

People have different servants

With regard to dissemination of servants, she still has many days of hard work on the annihilation of the positive image of the Ukrainian President Zelensky. More precisely, the humiliation Zelensky-man. Work in this direction is already underway. Skobeeva and priests dug up footage of some old programs with a bare Zelensky. They say that the king is naked.

Well, in the literal sense, all citizens under the clothes naked. I will assume that Skobeeva with Popov is no exception. Zelensky is not naked in a figurative sense, can be rest assured regarding his detractors.

Before Putin, in comparison with Poroshenko won in the eyes of the Russian citizen as a domineering an uncompromising politician with missiles. And in comparison with Zelensky he lost especially in such an informal discipline as humanity. This is despite the fact that the TV tries to play along with our President. More than any other tries Vladimir Solovyov in a weekly special program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin”. But still difficult to shake the impression of its conditionality. Skis conventionally, washers conventionally scored. Welcoming fans, conventionally fell on the carpet. No, really fell, but the impression is…

And Zelensky absoluteness, with the austere all right.

The fundamental difference is that one President came out of the TV into reality, and the other entered him nearly two decades ago, so Yes there remained.

There is another sign of authenticity Zelensky. Increasingly, a propaganda talk show you can hear warnings to Ukrainian public servants that it is waiting for the fate of John F. Kennedy.

Yuri Bogomolov , “Snob”