The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky called on 14 Oct militiamen to ensure the security of the shares, to respect the constitutional right of citizens to peaceful protest, the protesters – not to succumb to provocations and not to create a picture for Russian TV.

“Tomorrow we are going to celebrate the Day of defender of Ukraine… on this day in the capital and in other cities of Ukraine will take place on the stock and the chamber. I want to say a few things. First. I urge every member of the security forces to respect the constitutional right of citizens to peaceful protest. To ensure their safety. Tomorrow you must show that you – the force of law, democratic, European model. Second. I appeal to all who will participate in the shares. Hear and listen to your opinion. Ukraine – a free and democratic country where everyone has the right to be heard”, – reads the statement of the head of state on his Facebook page on Sunday evening.

The President added that “on 14 October in the capital will be many veterans and volunteers. I understand your fear about the future settlement of the situation in the Donbass. You rightly don’t want something for which you fought, it was useless. And don’t let the memory of those who died fighting sworn brothers and sisters was committed. I promise you as President of Ukraine and Supreme commander of the Armed forces, and I would never let that happen”.

Zelensky recalled that on may 20 the day of the oath has promised all deeds to protect the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, and promised that he will not betray that vow.

“I believe that in this day warm hearts will not overshadow common sense. Please – be smart, act responsibly, within the law and public order. And please do not succumb to provocations of those who want to create a very eloquent picture for Russian TV. Tomorrow is our national holiday. On this day not to do with your own hands gifts for our enemies. They dream of seeing in our midst the strife, quarrels and chaos. And very afraid that the Ukrainians will be United and cohesive,” said the head of state.

“Therefore, the envy of all let us prove that we, Ukrainians, are – free, civilized, and most importantly – wise people. Know about it,” the President concluded.