MP from the party “people’s Servant” Maxim Tkachenko became an adviser to the Secretary of the NSDC for reintegration and the restoration of the Donbass, reports the Russian Dialogue.

The politician’s press service has issued a statement Tkachenko: “I primarily see my role in the consultations of Secretary of the Council on social and humanitarian issues of the territory controlled by Ukraine”.

These questions are going to solve and Sergey Sivoho, who has recently obtained a position at the national security Council. He has already stated that the question of war will be constantly on the agenda in the Department.

To work in the Rada, Tkachenko was the producer, General Director of the company “Quarter Concert”. During the elections of the President of Ukraine he headed the team at Vladimir Zelensky in the Luhansk region.

Formerly a leading KVN Alexander Maslyakov said that he did not understand the reasons why the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky gaining in their team of professional politicians, and former comedians and entertainers. And Leonid Yarmolnik believes that friends and former colleagues of the head of the Square supposedly will “monitor” the work of the ministries and departments.