The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky made in return for 2018 residential building with an area of 413 sq m in Italy, was the owner – a foreign entity San Tomaso S. R. L.

According to the Declaration Zelensky on the website of the NACP, the remaining information regarding real estate, the new President remained the same as in the Declaration for 2017.

In particular, Zelensky has declared the house area 353,5 sq. m plot in the region of Kiev apartment in Kiev area of 131,9 and two Parking spaces. Zelensky, along with his business partners, Boris and Sergey Sefira is the co-owner (25%) apartments in Kiev area 254,5 sq m; together with Sefira co-owner (50%) apartments in Kiev area 198,6 sq. m. His wife Yelena Zelenskaya belongs to the apartment with an area of 129,8 sq. m and a Parking place in the village of Livadia near Yalta apartment in Kiev with an area of 284 sq. m together with Larissa Shafir and Elena Shefer owns non-residential premises in the capital of Ukraine area 337,8 square meters, also owns jointly (50%) with S. Sefira non-residential premises in Kiev area to 305.9 sq. m.

In addition, Zelensky with his wife Elena declared flat area 269,7 sq. m in Kiev and two Parking spaces owned by the company Aldorante Limited (Cyprus), the shareholders of which they are.

According to the Declaration for the 2018 Zelensky, along with his wife owns several objects under construction in Georgia – the 10 hotel rooms (a total area of 360 sq. m). The President belongs to passenger car Land Rover 2016 release, and his wife – Mercedes-Benz 2014 release.

In the ownership of the President 1700 shares debt securities/government bonds of Ukraine, and his wife – 1100.

Zelensky owns 100% of corporate rights of LLC “Cenacarta”, 99.99% of the corporate rights of “Studio Quarter-95” (more 0,01%. Zelensky), 25% of OOO “Selari FISH”, 16,7% of LLC “Producer centre “the League of laughter”, or 22.5%, OOO “Animation Studio 95”, 12.5% of OOO “Kvartal” TV, 18% of OOO “Studiya Kvartal 95”,15% of OOO “fish-house” (the restaurant business). 12.5% of OOO “invest-Anima”, He also owns 13% of “Gaudi’s Studio”,18,75% of LLC “Kvartal-Concert”,

Zelensky is an ultimate beneficial owner of OOO “Cinquanta” (Ukraine), OOO “Studio quarter-95″(Ukraine), Eldorana limited (Aldorante Limited, Cyprus), Vilhar holdings limited (Vilhar Holdings Limited, Cyprus),Film Heritage, Inc. (Film Heritage inc, Belize), San Tommaso S. R. L. (San Tommaso S. R. L.,Italy)