As it became
Monday, June 10, in Ukraine want to “deal” with
local people’s deputies in the opposition who went to meet
Dmitry Medvedev and Alexei Miller.

the statement was made by the representative of the office of Vladimir Zelensky Julia Mendel,
reports “Russian Dialogue,” referring to the Ukrainian media.

it is surprising that the Prosecutor General of Ukraine did not react to the fact that the Ukrainian
the MP Yuriy Boyko, Ukrainian citizen Medvedchuk went already
twice in the aggressor country and met there with representatives of the aggressor country,
the largest state companies”, – reads the statement of the employee
Administration Zelensky.

punishment Mendel requires the Prosecutor General of Ukraine the adoption of appropriate
“legal solutions”.

Previously, “Russian
Dialogue” reported on the role of Viktor Medvedchuk in the future of Donbas.

It was also reported on the outcome of negotiations between Medvedchuk and Akhmetov.