The decision of the President of Ukraine related to the illegal mining of amber.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky recommended to write a statement about the dismissal of the heads of the National police and the security service of Ukraine in Zhytomyr region because of the situation with illegal mining of amber.

The statement of the head of state said during his working trip to Zhytomyr region on 12 August, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“I don’t believe you, I will speak to the supervisor and I will also highly recommend to leave your job … I don’t believe you, because in four years you say you stopped (illegal extraction of amber in the area), and we have economic insights: what are you stopped who stopped? … You … in the scheme was not, but you can’t do anything with “pirates of the amber” of Zhytomyr region,” said Zelensky.

Referring to the head of the SBU in the region, the President pointed out how to work with amber security services.

“And you know that the security Service of Ukraine is also in this scheme? … How does it work with amber, if not by the scheme, how? … We will replace the head of the security service in Zhytomyr region. I would like to Mr. Ivan G. Bakanov (acting head of the SBU) considered another candidate,” – said the head of state.

He also suggested that the head of national police of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev to dismiss the heads of regional departments of the national police of Olevsk and Ovruch districts of the region.

“In this scheme and Netpolice, and SBU, and others. I understand that if we are talking about the Zhytomyr region is Olevsk and Ovruch districts of the… Heads of regional departments of police, I beg you to dismiss,” said Zelensky, referring to the head of national police of Ukraine.

According to the President, the problem of illegal extraction of amber in Ukraine “acquired the scale of the ecological disaster”.

“Indeed, thousands of hectares of forest land turned into a desert… today We flew over all and saw it all. We understand that people hunt there for amber, we understand that this is a real war, no other way to say this, war with the state criminal authorities, who covered the police and SBU, and Prosecutor’s office,” said Zelensky.