The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky urges citizens not to panic because of the occurred fires in the exclusion Zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and stated that the government will not hide from citizens the truth as it was in the days of the Chernobyl accident in 1986.

“Every day in the last week the head of the State service for emergency situations reports on the course of events. Yesterday overcome six fire. Threats to nuclear power plants, spent fuel storage facility and other critical facilities do not exist. As of now the open fire in the exclusion Zone is not observed”, – he said in a video address to Ukrainians on Tuesday.

Zelensky urged citizens not to panic. “We remember the lessons of the April 26, 1986. And no one will hide the truth from you. Now the truth is that the situation there is controlled. The radiation background in the capital and Kiev region – within the norms,” he stressed.

The President noted that the stabilization of the situation contributed to the weather, but also urged not to forget about the employees of gschs which ten days fought the fire. He recalled that to extinguish the fire in the exclusion zone was brought 1,5 thousand of our rescue and 110 pieces of equipment, including airplanes and helicopters.

“I sincerely thank our firefighters and rescuers for courageous accomplishment. All the days they are risking their lives due to the thoughtless actions of individuals. highly recommend to all who still do not understand why you can’t burn the grass, see pictures from the fire scene. To see the tired faces of the firefighters, their bloodied, burnt hands. I believe that we are smart and Mature nation. But if someone still thinks to burn the grass, know that it can cost you 153 thousand UAH, or even prison,” he said.

Zelenski also said that the national police of Ukraine detained the persons who caused the fire, and they shall bear strict liability for their actions.