As reported in
Wednesday, September 25, the Russian Dialogue, the head of Ukraine Volodymyr
Zelensky, speaking at the UN General Assembly, revealed the bullet that killed
Ukrainian in the Donbass.

This is reported
Ukrainian media.

“Here she is 12.7 mm, which stopped his life. It costs only
$10. And, unfortunately, on our planet this is the value of human life,” said

Zelensky explained that we are talking about Opera
the singer Vasily Slipke, who died in the Donbass in 2016.

“He died in the Donbass, protecting Ukraine from Russian aggression,” said Zelensky.

We will add that
Slepak went to Donbass as part of a paramilitary battalion is prohibited in
Rossi radical organization “Right Sector”, where he was killed by a sniper.

Earlier, the Ukrainian
the leader boasted on his twitter account
joint photo with Donald trump.

We also learned about what Lavrov spoke with Zelensky.

Furthermore, Solovyov put in place Zelensky, who accused Russia of waging war against Ukraine.