The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky says that its nothing to do with the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov and I am sure that the evaluation of his activities will give the residents of the city in the mayoral election.

“We’re not friends, we don’t celebrate any holidays. I know him from the time when he was mayor. … We did a festival in Odessa and… the municipality supported the festival. I have no relationship with him and all criminal cases to be considered should be dealt with in accordance with the law. I do, believe me, not slow and have no relation to Mr. Trukhanov,” said Zelensky press marathon on Thursday in Kiev.

He noted that the situation in Odessa “complicated crime”.

“There are some criminal cases and I know about it. I know that these criminal cases are considering our law enforcement agencies. It’s true,” said Zelensky.

He stressed that he would like to Trukhanov changed the attitude to Odessa to see her “cleaned up from the underworld”. “I really wanted, I insisted on it. I don’t know we will see it soon or not. If you do not see, we will do everything to change it, and so on,” said Zelensky.

The President also noted that he met Trukhanov and told him that the assessment of the activities of the mayor will give the inhabitants of Odessa in the election.

“Yes, I can’t hold local elections, but you have to understand and should expect people’s attitudes, it will be – and this is the answer to Mr. Trukhanov at the election of the mayor,” said Zelensky.