Today, may 20, during a speech after the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky outlined the main issues that should be addressed first, reports “Russian conversation”.

The new head of state spoke about the conflict in the Donbass, promising to end the fighting soon.

“We did not start this war,” said Zelensky.

He accused the predecessors in the fact that in 2014 they left the residents of the unrecognized DND and LNR, without care and attention on the part of Kiev. It is worth noting that during his speech Zelensky never mentioned Russia not talking about aggression.

“Important and encouraging: during the inaugural speech Zelensky never sounded: Putin, Russia, aggression”, – said Russian journalist Olga Skobeeva.

Earlier ex-President of Georgia Mikheil Saakshvili stated that the team Zelensky needs to address the issue of the Donbass and reform of Ukraine for the sake of continuing the existence of the country.