The Ukrainian language should be the only state, but the law was adopted in a difficult situation.

The President-elect of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky commented on the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the law on the state language and has promised to perform it after the inauguration. He said this in his Facebook.

Zelensky said that Ukraine should adopt such laws and decisions that consolidate society, not Vice versa.

“Ukrainian language is the only official language in Ukraine. So it was, is and will be. On this matter – no compromise. The government should take care of the development of the Ukrainian language, expanding the scope of its use. It is also definitely agrees with all of society. The question in the methods that we implement this strategic course. My principled position is that the state should contribute to the development of the Ukrainian language through incentives and positive examples, rather than bans and punishments, complication of bureaucratic procedures, by multiplying the number of officials instead of their reduction,” said Zelensky.

He also added that the draft law on the state language was discussed during the election cycle that “made him a hostage to political rhetoric.”

“The law was passed without a prior broad discussion with the public. The project was made more than 2,000 amendments, that testifies to absence of consent in respect of certain of its provisions even in the Verkhovna Rada. Today it is difficult to predict the impact of the adoption of this law – final text, including all amendments, is not yet available. After my inauguration as President will do a thorough analysis of this law to ensure that it complied with all the constitutional rights and interests of all citizens of Ukraine. The results of the analysis will respond in accordance with the constitutional powers of the President of Ukraine and in the interests of the citizens,” said Zelensky.