The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky during a speech on the occasion of the 28th independence Day of the country have outlined the major milestones in the centuries-old and modern history of Ukraine.

“Not quite right to say that Ukraine – 28. After all, until 1991, the year we had a lot. Was the baptism of Kievan Rus, Ivan Fedorov published in Lviv Apostle, founded the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, the Cossacks led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Ivan Sirko conquered the fortress of Dunkirk, was born the Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk. Ukraine was one of the founders of the UN, and Sergei Korolev have made a significant contribution to the conquest of space by mankind. These are only a few important events of the colorful history of our centuries-old and yet young country,” said the President, speaking Saturday at celebrations on the occasion of Independence Day on Saturday at the Independence square in Kiev.

Zelensky said that the independence Day of Ukraine, perhaps the most important day in the life of the state.

“Today, a whole generation born in independent Ukraine. For them it is a normal state of things. They may not be different. And that’s fine. Because this generation – our mental backbone, a pillar of freedom, democracy and development. They think differently, they think modern, but it means Ukraine will only move forward,” he said.

Zelensky indicated that an active struggle for the independence of modern Ukraine began more than 100 years ago, lasted during the Soviet era. “Mykola Rudenko, Vasyl Stus, Petro Grigorenko, Viacheslav Chornovil, Levko Lukyanenko, the participants of the Revolution on the granite. This is an incomplete list of those who fought for independence. Someone – at the cost of his own freedom, and some their lives. For this one day, 24 August 1991. And this day was inevitable. After all was said Levko Lukyanenko, the desire for independence inherent in our genetic code,” – said in his speech of the President.

Zelensky said that in 28 years of independence, Ukrainians have lived through many different experiences: “as a nation, we pulled “kravchuchki”, cut coupons and watched how “the Rich also cry”, had the vouchers, went to the “Malvina”, and those lucky ones with pagers. The whole country jumped to a record height of 6 m 14 cm, first swam in the pools of Sydney, Athens, cried on the Olympic podium in Atlanta when up raised the Ukrainian flag. The whole country is forced to shake the giants of European football. When Luzhny from Lviv received a pass from the head of Kherson was given to Rebrova from Gorlovka, who – at the Kiev Shevchenko. Then the “goal” sounded from Uzhgorod to Luhansk”.

“The whole country, from Donetsk to the Carpathians, we flew to the stars together with Leonid Kadenuk and reveled in the open space for the first time in history were made “Has not yet perished…” the Whole country stood in line in the first “McDonald’s” and listened to “penguin Dance” from Kuzma; waited for Armageddon with the onset of 2000, and was glad in the morning that he was worried; conquered Europe “Wild dances” and defended the democratic choice in 2004, prayed for the sailors “Faina” captured by Somali pirates and wept for the miners at the Zasyadko mine. The whole country rejoiced when someone was dropping a wreath. Tried to get to Euro 2012 and the entire country didn’t understand how one can not see the goal against England?”, he continued.

Zelensky said that up to 2014 in the country were different events, challenging, but “looking back now, we can say that up to a point – carefree”.

“At first the entire country, we proved that we have dignity. Not afraid of water cannons and batons. And someone not afraid and sniper bullets. Then the whole country, we learned that hundreds can be in Heaven. And then to our land came the war that we met throughout the country. And it is not just an artistic technique, because we are, literally, the entire country, collecting for bulletproof vests, medicines, cameras. The whole country, on the Internet and around the television, was glued to the news from the East. News where the rest of the words have lost meaning, and he saw only the names of settlements and the number of dead heroes”, – he stressed.

Zelenski said that in 2014 Ukraine and Ukrainians, paradoxically, is born a second time, as a country and as a society.

“United and rallied. Remember that lost feeling when you are proud of their Homeland. Therefore, gathered here today are the pride of Ukraine! First and foremost is our soldiers. Those who defended and those who now protect our land. This is a military family. Those who have lost a son, father, husband or brother. It’s volunteers. Those who help, sometimes giving the last. Here also those who teach and those who save lives every day. Those who are in the sports arenas of the world celebrates the Ukraine. Our scientific and creative potential. And of course, our future – our children. These people – not just the marchers of dignity. This is our thousand reasons to love Ukraine”, – said the President.