Ukraine’s President-elect Vladimir Zelensky said that on the Day of memory and reconciliation on may 8, Ukraine honor and pay tribute to all who fought against Nazism and died for Ukraine during the Second world war.

On his page in Facebook on Wednesday, he posted a photo along with awarded numerous orders and medals in the Second world war, the captain of the first rank of naval infantry of the Soviet Navy Ivan Zaluzhnyy (who lost their only grandson of Ivan Gutnik-Zelenogo during the war in the Donbass) and Praskovia Zelenchuk-Patak, which in 13 years has been connected in the UPA, passed on the information and provisions.

In this photograph, the veterans shake hands in the presence of V. Zelensky.

The newly elected President stressed that Ukraine will honor all who gave their lives for peace. “The world in which today so needs. The world, the key to which will be the unity of all Ukrainians. So that in future we had in common only victory,” – said Vladimir Zelensky.