Photo: FC “Zenit”

St. Petersburg “Zenith” has offered money for winning one of the matches of domestic tournaments. This was told by club striker Alexander Kerzhakov

Kerzhakov did not specify what kind of match was discussed, and also refused to name the team that made “Zenith” the offer “to win the match in order.”

“Once upon a time I was offered money for the victory. Not me personally, but “Zenith”. Banned it? I think not. Of course, it is not encouraged. What is this club? The team name I will not name. If we took the money? No, we didn’t win. Personally I have never money is not offered, but told me about it,” said Alves in an interview with radio station “Sport FM”.

On the eve of the representative of the TASS Agency, the radio station “Sport FM” has told that, according to him, “Zenit” stimulated “the locomotive” in the match of the 20th round of the Russian championship, so the railroad took away points from “Spartaka”. The match ended with the score 1:1 .