Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who heads the liberal democratic party, announced his intention to return the city of Volgograd its former name in honor of the battle of Stalingrad.

The candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation said at the meeting with journalists, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to him, he is ready to go in case if he wins the presidential election.

“The General election is a year… We will return Volgograd name Stalingrad, because it was the greatest battle. In memory of the battle. Memory will leave on the city, where the great battle took place”, – said Zhirinovsky.

It is worth Recalling that stalingradskaya the battle took place in the framework of the great Patriotic war and lasted from July 1942 to February 1943. In total, the battlefield fell more than two million people from every side of the conflict . This battle is described by many analysts as the most bloody that ever happened to human history.

The popular vote scheduled for 2018.

Previously, “Russian conversation” passed that some of the statements Zhirinovsky plans to study special ethics Commission operating within the framework of the State Duma. It is assumed that the politician is somewhat incorrect perception of colleagues from “an United Russia”.