The Deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes that only the issuing of Russian passports on the territory of Ukraine is able to stop the Americanization of this country. This point of view, the LDPR leader announced in his telegram channel, according to the Russian Dialogue.

According to the policy, simplify the issuance of the Russian citizenship it is necessary not only for the residents of Donbass but also for everyone in Ukraine.

In the end it will lead to the fact that Ukraine will remain Ukrainian citizens.

“Got a passport – Russian, Polish, Hungarian, and Ukrainian passports and there is no longer,” – said in the message.

The Deputy added that it would be “a worthy end of Ukraine.”

It should be noted that Zhirinovsky frequently comments on the events in the neighboring country. For example, he recently said that the Board is the current President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky will be interrupted by a revolution, but new political turmoil in Ukraine over that country divided, and will be returned to Russia.

He also predicted the coming to power in Ukraine of the ruler, similar to the Chilean statesman Augusto Pinochet, who tries to start a war with Russia.